Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

ThePrefacè klmfl fe by theWifedome o. fGodsfpirit,fball fee agreeable unto trued). Far if any fhall buyldupon, my words , WithoutPure groundfrom the Law of the Lord ; he(hall 2iis ;, z far offend god, Who path vgiuen hisfcrip- .17. tares by divine infpiration,, to teach and perfwadeall trukth , to improue andcorret all. , to in.fruEl. in righteoufsses , and mare menperfeE unto every goodwork,; he (hall injury me afo Who haue written the/i things to be trycd and examined by Chrils law, not to be acceptedfor a law; andhe'hag injury his ownefoule , by relyingupon, the Word .o ff rayl FOOL Whofe breath is in his noflhrils , which cannotflabli fb the hart , nor affure the confcience ïn any thing. Let therefore the ;gaffe wither and the flower fade, for it i. the x Word ofour God thaw 8 fhall(landfor ever. Finally thuone thing I would advertfe thee of, ( good Rader,') that forletimes I alledge thefcriptures otherwife thesz our common tranfations haue them; When the force ofthe Oràinall Words , cloth aford, art other or more amplefence. Herein I fear zit to be blamedofany that loue the trueth in