Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

Amos hy. gC6/.1,10, F)4.t1G,8 k ,z5 with z cArou. 6, x 6. 1 Pi. Iaq>>i m 2Cor..3,3. Pfal. I79. 47>48- ovtvfc46. pvrYf32. q vere 167, vole r e 93. f Rom.6,13, =7 t P¡át. sxz. h Dctit.zó, 17, 18. CHAP. XI. that two ca»not t'all_tooether (as fayth fthe prophet, ) except they beagrcede ; labour by faith to haue peace with him , and towalk before him in uprightnes , to walk g worthyof him , and pleafe him inall things, being fruitful' in all good works,& increasing in the,knowledgof God. For this they haue h promifed un- to him when theyentred into his cove- nant; and therefore are their foules deli- vered from death , i that they maywalk before theLord in the land ofthe living, And becauff to walk k before Cod , is to walk in his Law,(as the scripture teach- eth;) therefore 1 loue the y the law of the Lord, it is their meditation continually, and it is written upon mthe table of thew hart; their delight is n iu his commande- ments wbleb they hdue loved , their hands alfo doe they lift up unto them, their mouth o talketh of than, their feete p runne in them , their q foule keepeth them, and they willr never for- get them; all their members aro given up as f inf}ruinents of righteoufnes to ferue and pleafe the Lord, and they tapply their hart to fulfill his statutes alwayes, euen