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47\eVYNYVIOMN ` J1 y ti:L 1PS MAMMA Nj/.4 The...3 O»ents of the_, Chapters. ®F the communion and peace that was at the firft: and how f000e it was broken. Chapter. r Of the horrible miferies that Divils and men fel into, after they had forfaken God. C hap. s Ofmans redemption, and the renewing ofhis peace, by the grace of God in left's Chrift. Chapt. 3. Who be the Sainás of this communion. chap. 4. Holynes or fanEtitie , what it is. Chapt. S. How holynes is giuen unto God and Chrift, and how unto creatures. chapt. 6. How the word was communicatedwith Adam andhis children and of the Sain&s intereff in the fame. Chapt. 7. HowGod by his word hath alwayes called and feparated a people, from communion with Divils and wicked men , to the fellowlhip of his grace,by faith in Chrift Chapt. 8. How farre we mull avoyd communion with Divils, and how färre with wicked men. Chap.9 How