Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP.III. 33- wrathofGod due for our trefpaí%s, he which knew no finne n was made finne nzCor4, 25 for us; and o poured out his foule unto death. o Ifa.5;, iz 8. Then came Satan the Prince of this world,to fee ifhe couldhaue conquered hm,but he p had nothing in him: yêa his ploh.z4,;o. owne time was now come, (now was he to be cafi out, and Chrift being lifted up az_A from the earth, would drawe all men to hìmfelfe;The ferpent befet himwith the =fnares ofdeath , and with floods ofBe- r pfa. r 8, 4, liai to makehim afraid; but he f yd vnto 5. death, f/ will be thy death ; and vuto the graue,l will be thy deftrtraion; fo he fpoy- f Hof a ;, i4 led t the principalities & powers of that t Col.; i5 kingdomeofdarknes , made a íhew of them openly , triumphed over them in thefame croiT , and defiro ed v through death,him that had the power ofdeath, v that is the Divïl. 9. They for whomhe Gifted all thefe things, regardednot the rockoftheir fal- vation,hutu judgedhim as plagued, and u Ifa5; 4, fmittenofGod and humbled.Hextrode the winepreffe alone, and ofall the peo- x ch. 63, ;. ple therewas none with hire, his Y owne ymat, 26,56 Cè diíciples