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6r,i. Ilohn 2, 20 2 Coi. I, 2I ir Rom. 8, 9, Io. a IIohn2,27 v Song: i, 12. zY®fis.15, t6 y Ioh.I7,17 zRom.I®,Iy a Alf. r5.9. b chs. z6, r 8 cija 8,13. d Num. 20, 12. ß IHdev.zo fEphe.5,26. att. 22, I 6. ifzat. i6,z8. g HE'b, 1a,Ie Gz CHAP. VI. bloòdof their confecration , for their fanftification; and figured out the graces ofthe gSpirit,& r oyntment that we haue from him that is holy ; that f Chrift and his fpirit being in us the body may be dead becaufe of finne, and the Spirit life for righteoufies fake;whiles thetanoynt- ing that we haue receiveddwelleth in us, & Chrid as a v bundle ofmyrrh lodgeth betweene our brefts. Thus are we made an acceptable facrificc. unto God, x be- ing fandified by the holy Ghoft. 9. The outward meanes whichGod ufeth, for our fandification, is his trueth or word, as it is. written , ySanilifce them With thy trueth,thy Word is trueth. By this word 7 fayth is wrought in us , which fayth a purifieth the heart, b fan6ifieth the beleevers, and caufeth them to c fan- ¿ifie the Lord , (as d unbeliefe maketh men that they fandifiehim not) & ther- fore is worthily called , the e moil holy frith. The f feales of the covenant, doe alto confirme and helpe forward our fayth and fandification ; yea even the chaftifements of God uponus haue this life and end, g the We might bepartakers of