Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

74 CHA.P. VII. the promifes : unto him now were all people to repaire, and fo they did, both Iewes and Gentils , fo many as were or- deyned unto life. And if Adam, Noah, Abraham the other fathers , had now been on earth, theym'uit haue embraced this roan for their Saviour, and not haue fought nor wayted for any other. Ther- fore the Iewes that rejeaed him, died in tóa. g, 24. their finnes, h becaufe they beleeved not that he.wasFlee , and thewordof God Mn 5' 38' they had not abiding in them , i becaufe whom he had fent, him they beleeved not : but many of the Gentils trufted in k Epeef.r,r; him , after that k they heard the word of trueth, cuen the goCpell oftheir falva- I Luk.i9,g. tion; and by faith became the 1 fonnes of Cal. ;, z8, Abraham , and heyres by promu e. 29. 13. And alwaies before , if any of them Heathens , hearing of Gods great name, would repaire unto his people, they there might freely injoy this hea- uenlyblef ing, to heare the law and pro - mifes m readand taught ; and beinguni- ted with them in faith, had n one law for n Exod. 12, facri`iceand all other fervices.Yea many 48,4?. filch Itrangers were in Ifrael,in the dayes of Dew. 3I, 12