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72 Ci}ap. r7. Whether any can keep the Law, lntroduá. kept u well aspromifes tobe believed , requires obedience now not by vertue of the firft Covenant which is void, but according to the fecond which is (till in force , whereby he is always ready by fisch means and various difpenfations as are agreeable to his Wifdom and 7uflice to enable ut to dowhat in this Covenant is required. But an Anfwer to the firft Qeftion,and thatmoreCully, you (hall have in the words of the Apoftic, Romans 8. 3. What the Law could not do,in that it was weak through the flefh , God fending his own Son in the likenefs of finful flefh , and for fin con- demned fin in theMeth. That the righteoufnefs of the Law might be fulfilled inns, who walk not after the flefh , but after the fpirit. Inwhich words are two things principally to be obferved. a. That the Law cannot now , not ever could juflifie Men : yet he lays not the fault on the Laws weaknefs ( itbeing molt perfet ) but on our corrupt flefh. it is the flefh thatcannot do that which the Law requires. 2. The fecond arifeth out ofthe former : that is , feeing that neither the Law could juftifie us, nor we performwhat the Law required , God, ( rich in mercy and goodncfs ) fent his Son into theWorld, that being incarnate here should dye forus, and by that means take away the guilt and dominion of fin in us , and enable us to keep his Laws by faith and love , which is the perfcüion and fulfillingof the Law. To fhew more plainly how Chrift did this, and that was two ways. r. By fulfilling whatfoever was promifed and prefigured , in the Law and the Gen.3.I5. Prophets, As femen Mulieris, the feed of the Woman theft bruife the head ofthe 25.5s. Serpent : and, In thy feed (hall all the Nationsof the World bebleffed : with divers other of the like nature. He alto fulfilled the ceremonials of the Law , while he be- ing Prieft offered himfelfas a Sacrifice. Befides, he fpiritually circumcifcth Believers, by fubftituting Baptilm inftead of Circumcifion. He is our Paffeover, andappoint- ed the Eucharift inftead ofthe Pafchal Lamb : and indeed , he is the full comple- ment and perfeElion of the Law and theProphets. z. Chrift fulfilled the Law by fatisfying in molt abfolute manner the will ofGod, being the Holy of Holies , without fpot or fin at all , for in him is the love of God moil perfei t, and Righteoufnefs molt abfolute. And this in regard ofthe merit and fatisfaelion thereof, he communicatesgratis freely tous molt impeded, tous, I fay, a Cor q tg if we believe. Godwas in Chrift (faithSaint Paul) reconciling the World tohim, not imputing their trefpaffes to them : for hehath made him to be fin for us , who knew no fin, that we might be made the Righteoufnefs ofGod in him. SoAbraham Rom. a3 believed, and it was imputed to him for Righteoufnefs. For by Faith we rely upon Chrift, whom we believe to have made fatisfaelion moil fully to God for us, and that God is fo pleafed with us in Chrilt, that he accepts us, as now become the. Sons ofGod. 3. But this Faith, bywhich we believe in Chrift isnot by our%cure or merits, but is wrought in us by Gods grace, through the Spirit given into our hearts. And this, abiding there, enflames them with love of Gods Law, defire to exprefs the fame by good works : which though wedo,stot performs aought by reafon of the infirmity ofour flefb, yet God allows our endeavours in Chrift. Nor did ever anyofthe Saints ( though he [trove and refofved.tkeep the Law as far as hecould) truft or rely upon his ownmerits, but upon Chrift. Saint Paul did not, for hecom- plained, Who fhall deliver me out of this body of death : and prefentlyaddeth, 1'11.7.'4' 15 I thank God through Jefus Chrift our Lord, that is, I thank him that he hath re. $ , deemed me from death by Jefus Chrift. And it follows,There's nowno condemnation to themwhich are in Chrift Jefus, &r. So that a faithful Man movedby Gods Spirit to do that which is good, as far as he is able , andas the fecond Covenant requires, and that out oflove ofGod , and not only for fear of the Curies threatned inthe Law, may be faid to fulfill the Law in fuchmanner, that God in Chrift accepts of. him. Somuch in Anfwer to the firft Qeftion. To the fecoud, why God would promife life to them that fhould keep the Law , feting no Man can keep it in a legal and exalt manner, we anfwer. r. Firft, befides that, it may be doubted, whether GodBoth offer or promife life now otherwife thanupon the conditions ofthe Gofpel, which may bekept, force do further anfwer, that God fheweth hereby, that he abides the fame, and the Law Bill the fame, thoughwe be changed fr omwhat hemade us. 2. Secondly, Hereby Man