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Introdutt. Qf thepreparation, &c. Chapat 73 Teeth his own weaknefs, and is driven out of himfelf to leek aria. For (as the Apoftle faith) if there had been a Law given, which could have given life, verily rightcoufnefs fhould have been by the Law.Butthe Scripture hath concluded all men Ga1. .1T,z2; under fin, that the promife by faith of Jefus Cnrii'cmight begiven to them that be- lieve: 3. Bccaufe Chrift took on him ournature, and dying for us, bath purchafed the promifed inheritance, to be communicated to us, by faith and new obedience or fanflification. 4. Laftly, Though man cannot keep the Law exaftly, yet upon his faith in Chrift, andhis refolution and endeavor tokeep the Law, and aflual keeping of it, by the affiftauce of Gods Grace, fo as is above declared, God accepteth of him in Chrift, and takes the will for the deed in tome things, and accounts hint righ teous, andmakes good the promife unto him. CHAP. XVIII. of the preparation before thegiving of the Law. r. To make them willing, byconfiders- tiwt of T. his benefits : z. Gods right, as Lord : 3. Their relation as Creatures, &c. 4. That they are his people. His benefits pall and promifed. Three motives to love. r. Beauty. Z. Nearnefs. 3. Benefits : all in God. 2. To make them able, by fan.. aafying and cleanfing themfelves. That ceremonial wafhing fignified oarfpiritual clean fiug. Hówwecameesbepolluted. How we muff be cleanfed. Why they were not to . comeat theirwives. Of the danger and, abufe of things lawful. 3. That theymight not run toofar, boundswerefit. Ofcurioftty about things unneceffary. Now concerning the Preparation to the hearingof the Law. THough in the Preface fomething hathbeen faid concerning the preparation of theCatechumeni upon the words venite &aufcultate, yet before sve come to theparticular explication of the Law, we (hall further add fomething in this place a- bout our preparation to the hearing of it. For we can receive no benefit at Gods hands, if we be not prepared for it. God himfelfcommanded thepeople to prepare themfelves before the hearingof the Law, and foof the Gofpel alfo. Prepare ye the wayof the. Lord faith the Bap- Exé;- tiff. And to thefe add, that the Primitive Churchappointed Veserus diei Dominici, Match.;.;. Vefpers of theLords-day, and fo they had for other Holy days, and Solemn Feafts, and to the folemne(t Sunday, Eal'ter-day, they prepared forty days before. And forafmuch as the Sacrament is an Appendixof the word, and theSeal of it, furely we cannot be excufed, if we prepare ourfelves for the one and not for the other. The Preacher gives this advife; Keep thyfoot (look to thy felf) when thou goefl into thenecl.g.E. bou(eof the Lord. And again we ought to know that preparation is as ncceffarily re. quiredof the Hearer, as of the Speaker. Now this preparation confi(ts of three things or means. And they are grounded on the fpeech ofGod to the I fraclites in Exodus. Te havefeen Í; (faith he) what Ihavedone unto the Egyptians, and how Ibare youon Eagleswings. And Exod. tg 4; a littleafter, Coto thepeople and fanttifie them to day and to morrow, and let.them walk to. theircloathes. And let them be readyagain the third day. And, Thou fhalt fet bounds rr. unto the people round about the Mount, laying, Take heed unto your felves,&c. In r:. which words there are three thingsprefcribed, and the fourth is implied bycir- cumftance. r. The will in every aCîion is to-precede, the people were to be made willing to hear and receive the Meffage that was to be delivered. And therefore tomake them willing God(in the firft place) gives them Catalogue of his Benefits and goodnefs., So that one way toair us, and our will to embrace Gods Law is the meditation and confideration of the benefits, which either We, or our Country, Parents, Friends, or Kindredhave received at his hands, for the remembrance of them will Pie up a. love in us, and love will make us do our duties with delight. 2. Another way to prepare us, is by taking noticeof the right and intereft God bath in us, as he is our Creator, and fo bath power to Command us abfolucely. K We