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Chap,2 . 7he,endof giving the Lawby Motes. Int'rodued but by the dead in their graves. The Trumpetfhallfound, and thedead fhallbe raild, I Cur, 15.5z. faith St. Paul. g. Another thing ( whichwas an effec`ì of the former) was the fhaking of tI-e Heb.r z.z6. Earth; there but one Mountainquaked r but at the laft day it is laid, Tee oncemore Luke zt. r r. 1164not theearth, but altoHeaven. This removed not theMountain,but that fhall removeboth Heaven and Earth. . Thus we fee the circumftanees ofboth conferred ; now let us compare the effc is ofthem. Thegiving of the Lawmadeonly Mofes to fhake and tremble, but at re_ Nahum a. ro, quiring of an account of it, there fhall be like trembling of all, the very 'tuft (halt Efai.z.r9, tremble too : but the wicked, they (hall fmite their knees together. They fhall go Hof. 10.s. into the holesof theRocks, and into the Caves of the earth for fear of the Lord,and lake13.30. for the gloryof his Majefty, when he arifeth to fhake terribly the earth. And as our Apoc,6, 16. Saviour (quoting the words of the Prophet) fpeaks, They fhallfay to the Mountains, cover us, and to the hills fall on us, and that to hide them from thewrathof theangry Judge. So that we fee by thefe comparifons, that the delivery did in force fort pre- figure the requiring-of it; but the terriblenefs of that day cannot beexpreffed. This found may awake us now ; and therefore let us fay, as the. people faid here to Nofes, Helm z.zs. let us hear it by theMinifteryof man : and as the Apoftle faith, let us have grace to ferve God with reverence and fear. For no doubt when Çhrift (hall come from Hea- Deut.3 3:z. ven, he will bring with him a fieryLaw, even fireandbrjmftone, like to the Lawmen- tioned and foretold-by Mefes. Somuch for the circumftances and effects in theman- ner of delivering theLaw. The endof theLaw. Heb,7.,9. Gal.3.t4. Rom:7. r Z. .651.4.54,15. C H A P. X.X.. The endof the Lawa:give: by Mofes. t. It brings none to perfeïlion, and that by rea- fon of mans corruption, as appears, r. by the place, a barren wildernefs, amountain, which none might roach. 2. By the Mediator Mofes. 3 . By the breakingof the Ta. bles, &c. 2. It brings us to Chrifl, becaufe !given by Angels in the hand of a Media. for : It was to be put into the Ark : Givenfifty days after the Paffeover Mofes had a veyl : Thefiery Serpent : Ourafeof theLaw, to know our debts as by a Bookof Ac- counts, then to drive us to f ek'a foray to pay the debt, viz. Chrifl, and to be thankful and take heedof runningfurther into debt. RHere is yet one thing to be confidered, namely, the ufe and end of the Law, will which we eolleft from the words of the Author to theHebrews. It bring- eth no man to perfeelion. The Law (that is theMofaical Law, or theCovenant of works,but not the Moral Lawconfidered as it is apart ofthe Covenant ofgrace)made nothing perfefl; but it was the bringing in of abetter thing. So that r. It brings no man to perfection. z. It bringsus toa better thing, that is (as it is in another place) The Law was our School-mafler tobring as to Chrifl;but theprincipal end of the Law,. as it is delivered by Chrift, and become apart of the Gofpel, is tobe a rule todireet us,and theway to lead us by walking therein to life and falvation, Mat.5. & 7. a. For the feR end. Though it be a Law which carrieth with it theCharaCter of theLawgiver, as thofeof Solondid, (whichwas mildnefs) andof Draco, whichwas cruelty. So this of God, holinefs, luftìcé, goodnefs, &c. And though it be manda- rumfanilum, anholy Law, in refpeft of the duties to God ; and juflom, jufI, in re- fpect of the duties to men;andbooms, good, in refpeft of our felves : yet by occafion of our corruption and tranfgrellion, it bringeth noperfedìion withit, whichappears by(even eircumftances. r. The firlt is of the placewhere it was given.That was a vali and barren Wilder. nefs yieldingnofruit : to fignifie, that theLaw fhould be fo barren of fruits, that it fhould not yieldoneSoul unto God. 2. The fecond is of theMountain, which was Sinai. And this St. Paul acknow- ledgeth to have relation by wayof allegory to Agar. It is a Mountain inArabia,and therefore holdethof Ifhmael the Son of Agar the Bondwoman, and therefore to be cart out withher Children, and not to receive the inheritance with Ifaac. So they which think to bring forth suit by their own righteoufncfs, are like Ifhmael who was