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lntrodita. The endofgiving the Lan, byMoles. Chap. 26á 8 á was born by Nature , not by Promife, as /iliac was , whofeBirth was fupenatural : therefore the Children of the Law are to be cart out with their Mother , becaufe they cannot be perfcfted by it. 3. Thirdly , none might go up to this Mountain, no might touch it. And fo concerning the Law , none hath goneup to it, none. could fo much as ever touch it , as he fhould. But the condition of Grace , the Gofpel is otherwire. We mutt Fieb, ç, 16. offend toSiso, the Hill ofGrace , and that with boldnefs. And many have gone up to it. The Prophet fpeaking ofthe Gofpel of Grace, faith : Many People (hall Effy n. go and fay, Come ye, and let us go up to the Mountain ofthe Lord, &c. 4. The fourth is ofthe Perfon that was Minifter of it , Mofes. And if anyMan fhould have received perfe&ion by the Law , no doubt but he that gave it , might. But we find that he was a tranfgreffour of the Law, before he received it, and tioa,b ao.ra. therefore was never partaker of the promife of the Law , that is to enter into the Land of Canaan. Again , his Miracles often were defiruEtive, as to drown Pharaoh, and to bring Plagues,toPhew Gods wrath and juflice , and not to fave. Whereas the Minifters of Grace raifed the dead , healed the lick , ca out Devils , &c. So we fee it is the Covenant ofGrace that muft perfeft and fave. Laftly , when.4íofes came down from the Mount , his Face did fo thine, thatExod.34.33 no Man was able to behold him, unlefs a veil were put over his Face , which (hews, a Cor.3.1 3. that the cleannefs and perfeftion of that Law is rather to dazlethe Eyes, than to enlighten them : but Chrift came into theW orldwith fo mild an Afpeel andcounte- nance, as needed no veil. 5. The next is of the Law it fell. The Tables were brokenbefore they coulde be delivered, which the Fathers expound to lignifie, how that Covenant fhould be made void, and another come inf}ead ofit. 6. Of the Time. In thatvery time that the People fhould have received the Law, theywere in the greateft tranfgreffionof itthat couldbe,namely,in Idolatry and wor- fhipping the golden Calf, and in thatrefpe&, very unfit to receive a Law , and fo it was broken before it was given. 7. Laftly, of the Manner. Itwas delivered by the terrible blaftof a Trumpet , to terrifie the People; (hewing thereby, that it wasaLaw ofterrour,andwould require terrible things at their hands. But thedelivery of the Gofpel was cleancontrary; forthat was delivered in a comfortable Song , by a Qtiire of Angels , prailing and giving glory to GOD: a Songofpeace and joy : whereas theTrumpet ferves ra- ther todenounce War. For the fecond end; It was to be PadagogusadChriflxm , a Schoolmafter to bring 2; us to Chrift; which will be (hewn by thefe five Circumftances of the Law. s. It wasdelivered by the Miniftry of Angels. It was ordeined by Angels in theGal. ;J9; hand of a Mediatour, faith theApoftle. Nowwe know that a Mediatour hath power to didmatters as he pleafeth, either to eftablifh, or abrogatea Law. So Chrift our Mediatour, becaufe for our Salvatión it couldnot beotherwife, took upon him in his own Perfon to fatisfie God,andabrogate the old Covenant,toeftabli(h anew. So the Law brings us to this Mediatour. z. There was a charge given to Mores, that the two Tables (hould be put into theï: Ark of the Teftimony , which was but a fign ofGods prefencewith them : which 3 fign was perfefted in Chrift, in whom God is prefent withus : for he is our Emanuel, God with us indeed. 3. Mofes muft have a veil, which was but a Ceremony, to Phew the mitigationof a Cor. 3.14. the rigour-of the Law by Chrift; for by him the veil is removed. The veil alfo fignifi- ed the Ceremonies ofthe Law, which referred to Chrift , and by him are done away. 4. The time when the Law was delivered , was fiftydays after thecelebrationof the Paffeover, the timeof firft fruits. Andat that very time, the fame day fifty days after, atPenticoft came theHoly Ghoft in the Gofpel. And though we cannot per- formall we fhould yet becaufe thofe fiftydays arethe time of firft-fruits, we may offer up our firft-fruits, and inchoaeam obedientiam inchoate obedience accepted by Chrift. Andthis inchoate obedience we (hall have, whenwe (hail havenew hearts, not offtone, but offlefh. A new heart will I give you, &c. as the Prophet freaks, liek. B.a6. whichas the Apoftle expounds it in the New Teftament , written not inTables of a 6or33, ftone,but in theflcfhly Tables of ourheart,whereby we (hall bemade able to offerup our firft.fruits. L . Laftly.