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8 2 Chap.2o. The endofgiving the Lawby Mofes, Introdua, Numb.:r.s. 5. Laftiy. By the proteftation which the People made againft God and Mofes that they would not hear them, we fee aplain diffolution of the Law. Locuti tune contra Daum e5- Mofen , they fpake againft God and Mofes. Prefently upon their [f. murmuringcarne a type of HeIL TheLord fent fiery Serpents among them , and in 7. the next verfe follows their humiliation, Peccavimiu, we have finned: and the $ verfe after follows adeclaration of the Gofpel , concerning the coming of Chrift. John;. 14. Make thee a Brazen Serpent,faith God, whichSerpent Chrift applieth to himfelf. As Mofes lifted up the Serpent in the Wildernefs, fo mutt theSon of Man be lifted up. r co:, ro. Betides, the Patriarchs had their types of the Sacraments in the Gofpel, as the paífiog through the Red-Sea forefhewed Baptifm,their Manna , and the water out of the Rock, the Lords Supper; And thus we fee that the Law was Padagopes ad Chriflum , a Schoolmafter to lead us to Chrift. To make this more plain. Chrifts wifdom in theGofpel muffbe ours : for he faith, Mat. '5. s9. a Man muff call himfelf to account, how he hathufed hisTalent; for God is one that will take account of his Servants how they have imployed the Talents which he hash delivered them ; and we muff expel to be calledad calculum, to account for our Talent, and not hide them in the ground with the foolifh Servant. This is the firft ufe of the Law, that it is tabulafupputatienum, our Book of Debitor and Creditor; theTables that we muff make our account by, and let us fee how we Rand in cafe of profit and lofs; and in that refpetî it is remedium igno. rCor.s3.56rantiæ, a remedy for ignorance. Now becaufe it fheweth us our debt is A9oc. 2. 5. greater than we are able to pay, and fo becomes our fling to death, fhewing us our miferable condition, with a memento ande excideris, a putting us in mind whence we are fallen, from the Image of God : As alío the horror of Hell, in- to which we fhall fall : the firft of which will procure grief, and the other ter. rour within us. And when it bath brought us to this, that we may be con- demned in the whole mum , when God and we have reckoned : then hath he his fat' 3' 15. Scrivener, the Confcience to teftifie the debt, which brings in another ufe of the Law ; that it will be our humiliator, humbler, {hutting us up in Prifon, then it is remedium fuperbia, acure of onr Pride. Then cometh in another ufe of the Law. That feeing our condemnation to be molt jult, and that we are never able to difcharge fo great a debt : there can be rio other way for us, but to leek out a furety to difcharge it for us, and that leadeth us as it did the Ifraelites to the Brazen Serpent , that is, toChrift. So that the one will keep in our remembrance , our debt , and deliverance; and the other will teach us to fay with the Pfalmiff , .Quidretribuam,d c and fobe converted to his teftimonies , and work a care in us, that we lay nomore debt upon Chrift , than we needs muff, by reafon ofour infirmity. So much for the Preparation, The