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84 Chap. r. The Preface to the Decalogue. Corn. t. In this Stile or Authority are three points according to the Titles. r. Of Name, (Jehovah. 2. Of Jurifdidion, ,, Thy God. 3. Of Benefit. whichbrought thee,&c. the Taft Benefit they had received, t out of,íEgypt. And fuch Prefaces do Earthly Princesufe in their writings. t . OfName, as Cain, Capar. 2. OfJurifdiction, Imperator. 3. Of the laft Benefit, Capr Germanictn, for conqueringGerman?, the fall tri- umph obfcnring the former. a. For the Title of hisName , it is I ?ebova,, not I am jrehevah : which arguerh, a. His Nature. 2. His Power Pfal.$3.18. r. That it is the Name ofhis Nature, it cannot be denied. They (hall know (faith the Pfalmift ) that thou (whole Name is 7chovah) art only the muff highcft over all the Earth. Concerning the word ?ehovah, (which is Tetragrammaton, confiftingoffour Ler_ ters,) much hath been written,andmany fpeculationshave been gathered from it. As namely,that there are three diftinetLetters according to the number of Perfons in the Trinity ; and ofthere three, the firft fignifiethpower, the proper adjuncoof the Fa- ther ; the fecund wifdom and knowledge proper to the Son : and the third love, the proper adjunctofthe Holy Ghoft. And that the fecond Letter is doubled, to denote k,rn."36 the two Natures ofthe fecund Paton. But this may be fuffrcient for us, that it is a Name from being, or a Name ofexiftence, and that he is of himfelf, and from none o. ther, but that all things are through and from him. Omnia beneficio illixe,ipfe beneficio nxfixr. Bern. And as it imports his beingof himfelf, fo his abfolute dominion and power over Mal . `' 4' all ; and therefore we tranflate it (Lord) following the Septuagint, who render it 2.Tisa.6.11. Jude fat. 2. And as there is no exception inhis Title,as t o be commandedof or by any other: All Earthly Princes derive their power fromhim , as his Delegates by commiffion. As our Prince hath in hisTitle Deigratia Anglia, By the grace ofGodKing of Eng- land, &c. and is ab slip from another, viz. from God. OnlyGod rules without commiffion from any, but is within and of himfelfa fupream head, commandeth(im- plyand abfolutely, hath no dependance upon any other, eitherofbeingor power ;; but all things dependonhim, as their effence,powers,or faculties, and operations. This the Prophet fhewethforcibly , that ftreams proceed from him to every Crea- Pral 104, 29. tun, which being flopped they perifh. When thou hideft thyFace (faith he) they are troubled, when thou takeft away their Breath, they dye, and are turned again to their Duft. And in the next verfe lac faith, that he is the only Breath ofthe World, 3®. his Breath giveth life. When thou letteft thy Breath go forth they fhall bemade. Now if we didconceive that any Man in the World had our lifeat fuch an advantage, that with his veryÇountenance hecould make or deftroy us, certainly we would be marveloufly cautelous tooffend him, and very obfequious to pleafe and obferve him. Yet fuch is our dependance upon God. The word 7ebovah, as it hath thrfe twofignifications, fo hath it two confeetaries that follow thereupon in Scripture. t. The Eternity ofGod. 2. The Truth of God, in giving a being tohis promifes, byhis performanceof them. ;.14. ><. For hisEternity, he calleth himfelf, Iam. Say, I am Ero, hath fens thee unto them : and howfoeverthere is a diftinctionof timein refpeit ofus , yet in regard of rfal. 90 5.4, Gods enduring for ever, there is none with him : he is withont all time, he is always Efay 17.1.5. Ere. The eternity ofhis effence St. 7obn defcribeth. I am Alpha andOmega,the be- AP".!.' $ ginning and the ending, faith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come; the fame yefterday,to day, and the fame for ever. And this takes away the biro g hope ofefcapinghis vengeance, ifwe do amifs, and not obey hisCommands. For in that cafe a Man mayhope to avoid the Office of Princes,by departing their Kingdom, or byoutliving them: But he livesfor ever,And his Angels pitch their Tents about us: Pfai 7: s He compaffeth us in a Circle, firft, that we efcape not : Secondly, though we could lay 9110. efcape out ofone place,yet can we not fo far asout ofhis Dominions; for his Domi- nion is fromone Sea to the other,aad from the Flood to theWoddscnd. Hecan fetch us