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Com.r. the Preface to the Decalogue. Chap. i, 8 us from any place. So the ProphetAmos, Though they dig to Hell,&c. And he lives Amos 9.y. for ever to punifh thofe that tranfgrefshis Laws , we cannot outlive him, his Name is Rill Ero to all eternity. 2. For his truth,in effe&ing that which heptomifed,God faid to Jacfes,that heap - peared to Abraham,Ifaac,and Jacob, by the Name of GodAlmighty, but by my Name of 3ebovahappeared I not tothem: as ifhe had faid,by one that is as good as his word. So in the Pfalm , He is mindful ofhis promife: and yet it is plain , that Abraham pfal.ioç s: believed in the Lord , in 3ehovah, and it was counted unto him for Righteoufnefs; Gen. 15. 6. and God himfelfin the next verfc faith, I am the Lord (7ehovabl that brought thee 7; out ofOr of the Chaldeet, andyet God faith , that the Patriarchs knew him not by theName of 3ehovah , but by the Name Almighty. To reconcile thefe two places , we muft underftand, that by 7ehovah is meant here, thebringing to elfeä this general promifeof bringing his People into the Landof Canaan. So long as he maketh a promife he is Schaddai, or God : but when he hath brought it to pats, he is 3eho. mirk So the Patriarchs knew him by the Name 3ehovah in tome particular promife, as Abraham in the Birth ofIfaac: Noah in thedelivery from the deluge : Lot inhis delivery from Sodom : but theynever knew him by the Name of]ehovah , in bring- ing topafs that great and general promife of Canaan. And in this fenfe it is faid , that when Godhath brought his Judgementupon thePeople , .they (hall know that 1 3ehovah have done it. Etek , ,; The Title ofjurifdiftion , DOWtune, thyGod. To this Titlehebath claim ina double refpeft. r. General. z. Particular. 2. I. In generalhe bath Title ofJurifdiftion in refpt& of his being Creator,and there. Pfol. ros.s,6, fore, as the Pfalmift faith, He fpake the word,and they were made; &c. He path gi- ven thema Law which (hall not be broken , that as all things are his Creatures , he bath jurifdiftion to govern them by fuchLaws as he pleafeth. All the Creatures have their Rule from him. And therefore the Lord complaineth againft them for breach Efay r. a. of it. Hear, O Heavens, and give ear, O Earth, for the Lord bath fpoken , I have nourifhed andbrought up Children, and they haverebelledagainst me, that is, they have broken my Laws. And in Aloft, Song,Gtve ear,O yeHeavens,and I will fpeak, and hear , O Earth , the wordsof my Mouth. The Creatures are called to bearwit. teut. ;a.t] nefs againft Ifrael, that they were breakers of GodsLaw. z. In particular. The Law or his Jurifdifìion being infringed in general,it gave oc. cation to the fecond,that is the particular, which is by Covenant and that conditional. pod is our 3ehovahby Covenant. Hear, O /pad, the Statutes and Judgementswhich I fpeak in your Earsthis day, that yemay learn them,and keep and do them. Audis ç. î,l Deter funs : Non audioI nonfans Deus, faith one, dolt thou hear t then am I thy God : heareft thounot ? then amI not thy God.This chaff be the Covenant,faithGod. Iwill put my Law in their inwardparts, &c. and I will be their God, and they (hall bemy People. Metaand tare areRelatives, Heis ours, and weare his, fo long as we keep jer.3z.;3; his Commandments. Mores telleth 'heel a ftrange thing, Behold the Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens is the Lords thyGod, the Earth alto withall that therein is : yet path he feparated thee (as a handful)aboveall People to make a Covenant with thee. And this mercy ofGod is wonderful, that in defcribing himfelf he rejefteth all his other Titles ofglory, drawn fromother Creatures, as theGodof Heaven andEarth, and Entitles not himfelf by them, but only claims the Jurifdiftion ofus, being fo vile by Nature, and wicked by our works. And is not ashamed (as the Scripture tub. iì: xi; fpeaks) to be called eut God. And, as one faith well, conjunxit utilitatemmom sure gloria fha, nay hemight havefaid, conjunxitgloriate foam camgloria tua, infomuch as true are the words of the Pfalmift. Happy are the People that be in faha cafe t' yea bleffed are thePeople that have the Lord for their God. Laftly, His Title by Benefits. And this he raifcth from the lait Aft he did for 3. them. Which ferveth alto to confirm and prove his two former Titles, in two refpeCts. a. Ofthe miferable cftate and condition of the Ifraclite: in thraldome and bondage. 2. Of their mighty and wonderful deliverance from it. t. Their eftate was miferable in &Egypt. For they were Servants in the moltERd._ tfi fervile work that could be,beingput t4 theFurnace tomake Bricks,ekc.Theywere in fervitude