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Ctn. . t. Rulesofextent-fir expounding the Decalogue. Chape ttby which he rwc,, faith the Prophet. Did not he in his at of b.nef the }lattdtul of lfraelites from the Power of Pharaoh f and indeed who is ableo :..:th. re- fïivid ^is Power. Concerning the firft, the omnifeience of God. St. Augußtins faith, if the Candle b,t;rn }te Teeth thee, if the Candle be out he feeth thee, he teeth all thoughts, h-tth (fi rtr and pad, and thy thoughts to corne ; therefore it is ju(tly laid, that the Law tä fpisitdáh Now for the thought, we may obferve therein there leverai fteps anddegrees. Cán,itaaiaafòcndens, the fuggeftion atifing from fomeformer voluntary ael ùe tiltOeff. feclinatio volnutatie., the entertainment of the fuggeftion. Afora, the delay in the thought. A defire to flay upon it longer. ,4 roluptasexcogitarione, a good liking of this Gueft. s.. Citpido altfionis, a longing to tafte the conceived pleafure in outward aft. 0i. Eonfenfue cerdù, purpofe to praEtife, and put it in execution. .. D11beratio perfrçiendi, the choice of fome means to bring it topars. And though Mans Law cannot take hold of all thefe,, yet Gods Law Both. 4. The fourth Rule of extenion is that, which Mans Law bath prefcribed. Ctiríà Oldp-ohibetatr, prohibentur amnia per qua pervenieur ad dud, & e contra, when any stung is prohibited, all things hkewite arc forbidden, that are the means to it, and fo ou thecontrirv. The Jews fay, Ambadlandasm eft an prereptis _per vial ! repave. we v isl1 walk in the Cornmandeme.sts, not by a by path, bat in theRude, in the Kings ittgh. way. The reafon is; The gooduefs of a way or motion dcpendeth on the end fu that if thefe or their means bring toan Evil end, they are evil, and confequently not to be ufed in good things, neither are we to feek God by them. Wemutt not to mochas (land in the way of inners. So if a thing be good, the omifGon as alto the means heevil, Ba,,,e legis eft, iron [edam relive asiria, fed 0. occa¡ones viciaran,, it is the Pralm s. á; property of a good Law not only to take away fin it felt, but the occaions alfo' of 6,a.. S. The fifth Rule is, Cum quid prohibetur vel jubetrér, prohibentrar vel jubentur emnia. cue ionfegnuntur ex alto, v, hen any thing is prohibited or commanded, the coaiequcnta that follow thereupon, and the fymptomes of them are alto forbidden or enloyned. As in the cafe of Pride, the holy Ghoft condemns the fymptomes of It, a proud look, and a high ftomach. And the Prophetcondemneth walking with Pfalm rot. f retched forth necks, and mincing gates. And the Apolles St. Paul, and St. Peter t3r.I. ftizling and platting of the hair, and vain apparel. And God himfelf threatens to Ef::y. ;. b6. punifh fuch as fhonld be cloathed with d e: range Apparel, becaufe all there are not the r Tnrr. x. 1 9, P. 1. (igns of mndeft. and decençy, but Confequents of Pride. God will have the fig! go ïepfa. with the thing fignihed. 6. The ixthRule is, That wemuft not be acceffary to the fins of others, but feek to hinder fin in oth,'s, and to draw others to the cbferving of the Commandment, $s well as to keep it our felves. St. Paul (peaks of fount., and reprev!s them that tom. t io. eonfcnt with theta that do things worthy of death, For acceJforium fequitersaéia- ram prinripalis agentes & confenaientes pari pupa pleîianetsr, both principal and acceiìary were to be puriihed alike, and the reafon is, becaufe the Law is not only tobe obferved, but preferved ; we mull not only be oh.fervers of ir, but take care too that it be kept by others. Sic lucent lux veflea, faith our Saviour, Let your light fó thine before Men; tl at they teeing your good works may glorifie your i atóer which is mar. ;,xi, in Heaven: God will have glory from us, not for us, from others by ús. We Mt ft have a care that God may be glorified both in our felves and others ; fo that we muff not be acccfiary to any thing wi creby God may be difhonoured, and we be made guilty of other !bens fins, and fo they become ours; Now thtr: are feven ways whereby we become acccfíáry and partakers of o l t mens fins. The iris two concern Magidrares, and all other Superiours . the, five all men alike. Thefirftisiu Magifirates and Superiottrs. 7ubendo by eoüimanding, if Prophet faith ) they decree unrighteous decrees; and command any thing that is,tth r fav ia. r; lawful by way of law,As Nebuchadnez.rhat enaeleda law for Idolatry,that the People rM 2 ,. at