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aZVfAÇ+ 4. Whereas ir;tocinez a ;l > eA : 1s; oth9r night feeut obfeure or dönbeP 1 'a Athol' Esc Ft1vfji 11 judgement, cxp e1= fed in'his other ` os . óT'ß ,{at crf9 o 3,i lßí Ft}earg;o:liis mean- ing therefore is I pie a v nT arP.31a j girltiioights, up- on the famepoìt(t which are eft ro ?R. gp ,g t,1?iDt er works, whichwere perfeged bÿ himlclf; ía R 1 ' }]i places, wherehett4.ybcmore¡Ùl ü fitmdiwittbalerother eR omitted, or but èfly toucréd; 40 tl i;?íerrvÄ6 @mg, tábütgsare trî;otliga. works, or where it could not be,' t?n firisljl ßìPfi 1 sled'.what was needful to be fu ßlî it o iv rR) Iff l 411119Cio what is conedi{fëtlagreeable to `t edeefared 7o nneof dhe CatholickChurch in fpeciai ; which ( that the Reader maydiftinguifh it from thewords of the Author) is put in adifferent Charaëter, fave where, bymiftake the fame letter is ufed. And here, as in Tomeother points, fo inparticular about the Sabbath, wherein the Author might be miftaken bymanyof both fides, out ofhis other works comparedwith this, here is declaredwhat his Opinion was in that Controverlie; & that it was no other, than (which I conceive to come neereft to the truth) thatas the fymbolical reft proper to that Nation, is abolifht, fothe fubitance ofthe`Precept, is moral, and that the feventhday was hallowed by God for a timeofpublick worship from the beginning, in memory of the Creation, by politive Divine Law, obliging all mankind ; Infteadwhereof the Lords dayis fet apart for theday fff: publickworship,: by the Apostles, as extraordinary Lègats of Chrift '`in memory of the Refurre&ion, which is to continue unchangable tote end of-the World. This, as it is ¡hewedout of the Authors other w4tings, fo for themore full clearingof all queflions upon this fubjed there, is added a large dif- courfe, containing the whole Doftrineof tleSabbath and Lords Day, laid down in feven Conclufions, chap, 7, in corn, q.. Wherein I conceive, there is fome thingoffered, whichmay give fome fatisfattion to thofe that are moderateof bothfides. f , -For the better help of the Reader, everyCommandment is divided into C_hapters, and the Sum or Contents of eachChapter, with the me- thod how they¡tand, are prefixt toevery Chapteror Section. All which Contents, together with the Supplements or Additions, are fet together at the beginningof theBook, that fo the Reader may at oncehave a gene- ral Idea of the whole Book, andof whatis handled in eachPrecept, and fomay the moreeafily find any thinghe delires to read, without muchLa- bour or enquiry. Thus the Reader may inpart conceive, what is done to render this work the more uleful tohim. And if the file benot fòaccurate andex aft, as in the Authors other Sermons, he nluftçnnfi er, that as-it was not polifht by the Author, nor fitted .byhim for the Prefs, and that in the reviling thereof, there was moreregardhad to the matter than to words; fohaving pafled through divers han, s,. it cannot teem ftrange, if Come incongruities of fpeech do still remahi Errours we knowof one concoft: ion are not eailycorreded in an other, and waters will contraa force tin- aura