Andrewes - Heaven Collection BV4655 .A6 1675b

711- &,PREFACE. ¿tute from theMinerals through which they pals; betides that, theerrours and miliakes of' the Printer, whichcould not eafily be prevented, may in many places obfcure or pervert the fence. Let this therefore be taken in good part, which is intended for the publick good, andwhat (hall be found needful to be correEled (as who can walk in fd rough a path and never (fumble) 11ía11 God willing-be rectifiedin the next edition a in the mean time make ufeof this, as if' it (hall contribute any thing to promote the praEtifeof Religion, which is the fcope of thework, thePublifher bath the fruit of his Indeavours and ends of his Defires; who delires farther, . the benefit of their Prayers, that (hail reap anybenefit by his Labours The