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The Contents. providence answered : why God permits evil : general Reafons fora Providence, parti- cular reafons from all forts of Creatures. That (econd causes worknot, nor produce their e c1 s r. f themfelves without God. That Gods Providence reacheth to particular:. That God is to be fought, and that he rewards them 'ha feekhim. C H A P. V I I I. Page 34 Thefour Religions in the World. Of Paganifine, reafons again_ the plurality of God.r, That therecan be but one God proved out of their own Philofopheri : that their Religion wasfalse. Howman came to be worshipped. How Beafis. Of the Miracles and Ora- elea of the Gentiles. CHAP. I X. Page 37 Of 7udaifine. The potions of the Pews. i. That the Meas_hall have anearthly kingdom at Jerufalem, confuted. 2. That7efou is not the Bleffras. The contrary proved byJaco!.sprophecy. Gen. 49. t t. By Danielsfeventy two weeks. Dail. 9.25. By di- leers other reafons. 3 That the Mtffiat notlet come.., The contrary proved by fundry ar- guments. CHAP. X. page4r. Of Mahometanifine. This Religion proved tobe falte by feevenreafons. C H A P. X I. page 4z Of Chriflian Religion, The truth thereof in general proved. 7. By the antiquity of it,, ont of the Heathen .luthors themfelves. 2. By the continuance and prefervation of it 3. By thecertainty. 4. By the end it leadsto, viz.. to God, it gives all honour tohitis. Deprives man ofall. Other reafons. It re,_trains carnal liberty allowed byfalfe Religions ; reaches to the Heart. le contains myfleries above mans capacity. Teaches contemptof theWorld; ¡requiresfpiritualworfhip. Confirmed by miraclesbeyondexcepti- on. Prophecies. C H A P. X II. page 48 Special reafonspr the Chriffian Religion, as differingfrom the ,Jewish. It purged) the Soul: ¡hews that God isara ='roe aot: the teffimonyof the Apoflles and Evangeliffs : the knowledge of whatthey wrote theirbone¡? : the credit of theFlory : teflimony from Pa-. Bans : theflar at Chrifbsbirth: the croft facred with the .,,,Egyptians : the miracles at Chris?:death : the Progref ofChriflianityby weakmeans, oppofedby power andlearning; contrary toflefh and blood : the excellency of the promifes : power in conversion} : the truth of Chrigsmracles : the conflancy of Miartyrs : theendsof the Apoflles :the Devils tefii- mony againft himfclf. C H A P. X I I I. page 5z Of the twochief parties that lay claim toChriffian Religion, Papifls and Protefiants, "heir difference about interpretationof Scriptures. the Churches authority, in expoun- ding Scriptures, Au additional Obfervationout of the Authors other Works. Rules about thefenfeof theScriptures., Meansfoefindingout the truefenfe : other means controverted. Additionabout theChurches power in matters of Faith, whether infallible. Decrees of Councels : Con_nt of Fathers. The Pope not infallible. CHAP. X I V. page 58 Chreflian Religion divided into the Law and the Goe7el. Additions about the rifeof :W Law. That the Law of Chrifl ispart of thefecond Covenant, &c. The judgementof the Author out of his other books. That the Gofpel isIex Chrifti. The Law handled firff. Reafonsfor this order. What the Law teachetb, and what the Oafpet. C H A P. X V. page 62 In the Lawfourthings. I. The worktobe done. TheDecalogue thePandetls of moral Laws. The Laws moral known before Mofes, written inmens Hearts, proved in particu- lar. In everyLaw thereis evil to be avoided, andgood to be done, both muff concur. St. Pauls threerrules of pie, jufte, fobrie. St. Auguftinehis three rules, contrary to three rules of currupe nature. z. The manner of doing requires, X. totes, 2. totutn, 3. to- to ternpore. 3. The reward. 4. The punifbment. C H A P. X V I. page 83 Thatthe moral Lawof GodWritten by Mofes, was known to:the Heathen, r. The all or workwasknown to them, as it it proved in everyprecept of the Decalogue, yet their light moredmin the t.2.4.. so. St. Pauls three rulesof pie, fobrie, julie, known to them. 2. They knew the manner of performance, toti,totum,fcmper. 3. They knew the rewards andpunishments. CHAP.