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THE CS'NTENTS. THE EXPOSITION of the INTRODUCTION. C Ii A P. I. Page t Hat Children are to be taught and inflrulled in Religion proved ma of Hea- then Philofophers, out ofthe Law, the Gofpel. 2. That this Inßrualïon ought to beby wayof Catechifin. What Catechifing is. How it differsfrom Preaching. Reafons forAbridgments or fumeof Religion. Catechifingufeel in all Ages ; before the Flood ; after the Flood; underthe Law ; ender the Gofpel ; after the Apo.£itles; in the Primitive Church. Reafonsfor this cuftome ofCatechifins. CHAP. 1I. Page9 The duty of the Catechifed. a. To come, and that t. With a right intent. 2. Willing.. ly, 3. With Preparation; which mull be, is In Fear. 2. By Prayer. Other rules for coming. t .With Fervency: 2. With Purity of Heart. 3. In Faith. 4. Frequently. The fecond duty to hear or hearken. The necefty of hearing. The manner. 1. With Reverence. 2. With fervour of Spirit. 3. WithHence. 4. Without Gazing. 5. Hear to keep. How the Word mull be kept inour hearts. t. By Examination. 2. By Meditation, 3. By Conference. CHAP III. Page t4 Of Religion in general, and the Foundations of it. The four firfl fleps. i. Wemull come toGod, as the only way to true happinefs. Nohappinefs in Riches proved by divers Reafons. Nor in Honour. Nor in Pleafure. Nor in .4uorai Virtue. Nor inContemplation. General Reafons againflthem all, That felicity cannot be in any of them; becaufethey cannotfatisfie. 2. They are not perpetual, but uncertain. In god only is true happinefs tobe found. CHAP. I V. Page t9 2. The way to come to God is only by Faith, not by Natural Reafon alone, ststhe Mani- cheesheld ; Reafons againfl hem. The way by Faithmore certain. Tbetteceffity of Belief. Rulesforcoming by Faith. CHAP. V. Page 22 3. That we muff believe there is a God. Misbelief in four things. i. Astotheifine. 2. Polytheifine. 3.Atheifine. 4. Diabolifine. The Reafons ofAtheißsanfwered. Religion upholdsall ¡laces. The Original of Atheifine, from i. Difcontent. 2. Senfaality. CHAP. V t. Page 25 That there is a God, proved T. By Reafons drawn out of the Writings of the Hea- thens themfclves. z. By the frame of the world. Objektions anfwered. 3. By the begin- ning and proerefs of Arts, &c. 4. By the neceffity of a frfl mover. Thebeginning of things cannot be, 1. By Chance. Nor z. ByNature. 5. By Propheies fulfilled. 6. Bythe A tificial framing the Bodies of all Creatures. 7. By the Soul of man. Reafonswhyfo ma- ny iicheifts. Natural notions ofa Deity. The Confcrence. 8. From the miferable ends of Aeneifis. C H A P. VII. Page 29 The fourth flip, That God kath a Providence over MM. Reafons againft Divine s Pre-