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ri McContents. CHAP. III. Page 94. Raéiet,og(rlreflraintin expounding the Law. Falfe Rules madebythe Pharifees. ` OfCu- Ateekviv2clition y,. Of sheforce of Church Cuffoms. 3. Three' Rides of reftrsint.'I. By difpenfation. z. Bythe nature of the, Precept. 3. By confliîi of Precepts. Antinámia; wierrein theftruler ate to beobferved :, I. Ceremonial Precepts are to give place tomoral. 2. 'Theflorid Table isrtogive place tribe firfl. 3. In the fecond, Table, the following Pre- cepts are: togive place to thofebefore.:.Rules toexpound in cafe of a . Obfourity. ?. Ambi pity, 3. Controvcrfe. CHAP. I V. PageOP .+ 1hreegeneralobferrzaatlonsintheDeca logue. o. That the Precepts mtdinthe fecanl pylon. 2 All but two are negative. All boa twoare in the future tenfè.tòbfervations q2 neral from the firfl , i. Impediments are to be removed, before true worfhip can be perfewmed. z. c ne worfhip of God is the foundation of àll'obedienceirth ren. 3.That %piritoal.worfhú ' is clrieflycommandedinthe firltprecept. Addition8. Abair the dirlin- Ilionof inwardandoatwardworfhip. CHAP. V. Page too :In theirft Commandment three things arecontained. t. We muff ha'veaGod. 2: We mail have the Lord for our God. 3. We mull have him alone for eor God. The in appo -_ fire mikefirfl eprofanenefi .sto thefecondisfalfe Religion: to the third rnixtReligion: How ournature is inclinable to thofefins. Reafons àgainft tire*. " ' CHAP. VI. Page 002 Inebefirft Proportion of having aGod, is included. z. Knowledge of God, wherein, t. The excellencies + 2. the neceffity, 3. how it is attained. The cont.tary forbidden is, o. Ignorance, 2 lightknowledge. What we are to know of God. Impedimentsof know- ledge to to be removed. Rules of direPion to be followed. CHAP. VII:' Page too The fecond inwardvenue commanded in the firfl'precept, is faith. Reafons for the neceffityof faith. Addition g. Concerning the evidence,af faith, and freedom of affent. The certainty of Faith. Of Vnbelief. Addition to, Concerning the nature of Faith. Means of Believing. Of craft in Godfor things temporal; The trial of our craft. Six /ignes of Faith. CHAP. VIII. Page /20 Thethird inwardzapee is fear of God. Addition s t. Ofthefeat of Faith. Reafons why God (houldbe feared. Offilial andfervile fear. How Fear and Love may Hand together. Thefinsforbidden. I. Want of Fear, 2. Wordy fear. Motives to fear taken fromGods yudgment{t7he fgnesof fear. CHAP. IX. Page ;28 The fourth inward vertue, is humility. The nature of it. The properties of it! Of Pride. The nature anddegrees of it.. Signes of Pride. Thepunifhment of Pride. Of forced humility. Of counterfeit humility. The means of humility. The Signet of hu- mility. .. CHAP. X Page i36 Of thefifth inward venue, Hope. Hope andFear come both fromFaith. Thefeveral ales of Hope. The natureand exereife of Hope. Of Prefumptionand Defpair. Reajus again'both_ Means toJIrengthen Hope. Signesof true-Hope.' CHAP. XI. Page 142 Thefirth duty is Prayer. Theendoffb-ayer, Gods Glory. The neceffity of it. Thepower.. of Prayer. The parts of Prayer. z. Deprecation. 2. Petition. Why Goddenies feme things we ask: 3. Interceffian.:q. Thanksgiving : which confillsof, t Confeffion. 2. Complacen- tie. 3. Promulgation. 4. Provocation of others. The excellencie of pairingGod. The properties of true Prayer. The helps to Prayer. Signesof faithful Prayer. of caufing'o ;hers topray. CHAP. XII. Page i54 The Jiventh vertue required , is Loveof God. That God into be loved, OfmercenaPy and free Love. The excellencie of Love. The meadore of Love. The opporves to the Loveof God. t. Love of the world. 2. Self-Love. 3. Stupidity. 4. Loathing of God. All the nto- tivesef Lave are eminently in God. i. Beauty. 2. Propinquity. 3. Benfits bellowed. Six Agnes of Love. Ofdrawing others to love God. CHA P.