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The Contents, CHAP. XIII. Pagei¢,3 The proper effelps of Love. i. Obedience. 2. Patience. How Obedience arifesfrom the Love of God. It bringsglory toGod two ways. Is better than Sacrifice in four refpecgs, Reafons why wefhauldobaudire Deo. There be threefpeakers. 1. God, whofpeaks , . By his Word. 2. By his Work,. 2. The World. 3. Our felves. Thefe doobloqui, gainfay what God Pays. The meafureand quality of Obedience. Of Difobedience, that it agreat fin. Thedegreesof it. I. Neglcg.' 2. Contempt.: Motives toobedience. Signes of Obedience. CHAP. XIV. Pagel o Of Patience. Haw it arifes fromthe Love of Cod. The neceffty and exeellencie of Pa- tience. Affíiftionsare either correttions or tryals. Reafonsof Patience'in both.Ofcounterfeit Patience in Hereticks and others. Stupidity no true Patience. Caufes the, eof. Offaint,rg under the Crofs. Means of Patience. Signer of Patience. Ofworking patience in others,. CHAP. XV. Page 178 The fecond thing required in thefirfl Commandment. To have the true Godfor our God. Reafonshereof. Of true Religion: this is the true Pearlto be f tight. Three rules infeek- ing. The extremesof Religion, 1, Idolatry. 2. Superflitian. 3. Profanenefe. 4. No. velty: of which three degrees, 1. Schifm, 2.Heref:e, 3.Apoftrtcic. The means of trite Religion. Thefignes of procuring it in others. CHAP. XVI. Page 18z The third thing required in theftrftCommandment is,' to have only the true God, which includes fincerity. Reafins hereof. The contraries topetrify. Means off;'nceritj. Signer of fincerity. Of procuring of it in others. CHAP. XVII. Page 184 Ofthe lafI words in the firfl Commandment, Coram me, in which is implied Integrity. Reafonsfor it. OfHypocrifie, andReafons againn it. Signes of a fund heart. An ob- fervationfrom the pit words, Non habcbis. They are in the Future tent, and imply per - fcverance. Reafons for it. The extremes. 1. Conflancio in evil. 2. Inconflasstie in coed. Fear reafons againflbackEliding; Sgnes of Perfevtrance. Ofprocuring it inothers. TheExpofitionof the fecondCommandment. CHAP. I. Page .19_, The general parts of this Commandment. a The Precept. 2. the SanPtion. The Pre- cept is negative, forbids Idolatry, and implies the affirmative. 1. That God muff be wor- fhipped as he requires. z. That reverencemun be (hewed in the performance. Reafons why this and the fourthCommandment are larger than therefl. Reafonsfor theaffirmative and negative part. Addition 13. That themaking of Images was abfolutely forbidden the gews. and in that refpeg the Precept was Pofitive and reachedonly unto them. Ad- dition 14. Whether all voluntary orfreeworfhip be forbiddenunder the name of willwar- Pip CHAP. II. Page '96 That God will not beworfhipped by Images : thefeveral words whereby Image worfhip is forbidden : why God appointed the mahinP of Cherubims, and the brazen Serpent: Reafons againfl worfhipping of Images : the Original ofImages :four accafionsofthe ufe of Images; fame in times ofperfecutton, fome in times of peace. CHAP. III. ?age zoz What the Romanies alledgeout of the Fathers, Antient LiturgiesandCouncils for Ima- ges. Add. 13. Of St. Chryfoflom's Liturgy. Add. 14. Ofthefecond NiceneCouncil. Thewords miflaken in the Capituler of Charles the Great, and in the Synod of Frank fordand Paris. Teftimoniesof the Fathers againfl Imagos. CHAP. 1 V. Page 204 The five Rules ofextent for expounding this Commandment Of the affirmativepart ofit. In Gods outwardworfhip are two things: 1. the fubflance. 2. theCeremony. Thefirfl' con fills, of t Preaching. Add. 15. How preaching is a part of Gods worfhip. z. Prayer. 3. Sac,aments. Addition t6. The Eucharifl con ìdered as a Sacrament and a Sacrifice, 4. Difi'ipline, CHAP..