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The Contents. byGod, not by Idols or Creatures. 3. Not to:take his Name in vain, but to fivear i» i .Truth; in Oaths offertory, promiffory. z. 3udgment. 3. fuftice. Againfl voluntary Oaths, whether lawful. Offtdearingfrom theheart. Themeans tobe ufed aPainft vainfwearino. The Jignes of keepingthis Commandment. Of drawing others to keep it. C H A P. I V. Page 256 What a tow is. Whether abarepurpofe without apromife. Whether a thing commanded may be thematter of a Vow. The neceffty and aft of Vows, in refpr J ofGod,ofour [elves. Whatthingsaman mayvow, fe, fuos, fua. Vows in the timesof the Gofoel. Ofperform- ing Vows. Ossalifications in arm, for the perfon, the matter. The time ofvowing. Of payingoar vows. CHAP. V. Page 255' Of glorifying GodsNamefrom theheart. The means ofglorifying it. The fegnes, Of canting others toglorifie it. The fecond part of this Precept, the Commination. Reafons why fuck a threatning ishere denounced. Gods punifhing the breachof this- Commandment by vifible yudgments. God ¡alarmsof his Name. The Expofitionof the fourth Comínándrnent. C H A P. I. Page 259 The excellent order of the Commandments. Why Godhimfelf appointed a fet time for publickworfhip. Why this Commandment is larger than the refb. Six fpecial thingsto be ebferved in thisCommandment, whicharenotin the refs. The generalparts of it. 1. The Precept. Z. The Reafons. In the Precepts i. The affirmative part what is meant by Sab- bath : what byfandifying; How things fandifed differ from other things. Godfanttie fled it not for himfelf, butfor me. We weft fanlbiffe it. i. Inoar aflimation of ir. 2. In our ufeof it. C H A P. I I. Page z62. What is commanded here. z. Aref . 2. Sanitifecation. Refs- it required notfor itfelf, but for the duties of fanlbification. Reafons that the Sabbath is not wholly nor principally Cere- monial. Addition z z , out ofthe Authors otherworkr declaringhis meaning in two things. z. That the Lords day is Jure Divino. z. That the 7ewifh Sabbath it abolifht by Chrifls death,proved byhim at large, outof Scriptures andAntiquity, inhis Speech againft Trask in Star -Chamber, C H A P. I. Page268 Additional confiderations upon the Doterineof the Sabbath, laid down in feven Conchs. lions. t. It is certain fame time is to be fat apart for publiek worfhip proved by School. men, Canonifes, and Reafons. 2. Certain that the Lawof Naturedoth not dilbate the pro- portionof feven or any other in particular. 3. It is molt probable that thefeventh day was appointed by God from the beginning, as a day ofpublickwarfhip inmemory of the Creati- on, and didoblige all mankinde: though thefymbolicol or typical ref- afterwards was en. joyned to the 7ewsonly : This proved from Scripture, Fathers, ?ewifh Dolbors, late Di- vines, Reafons, &c. How the Fathers are to be underfbood that deny Sabbatizing before the Mofaical Law. 4.. The Lords day is of Divine Infiitution, provedby Scripture,Fathers, publickDeclarationsofthe Church, Editts of Princes, Canon:fis, fome School-men, late Divines. 5. Thefourth Commandment is inforce: for the moral equity, that at leafs- a fe- venth part begiven to God ; literally itrequires only the feventh day from the Creation, not a feventh. day. The day altered by the Apofeles by fpecial Authority. 6. The ref of the fewifhfabbath partly moral, which continuesfill: partly fymbolical, which is expired.How the ref ofthe Lords Day differsfrom the ref of the Sabbath ; ref from ordinary labours forbidden by God, but the efpecial determination left to the Church. How the Lords day fucceeds the Sabbath. 7. The Sabbath kept with the Lords day by the Primitive Chriffians till the Council of Laodicea was not in a tewifh manner. CHAP. I V. Page 276 Reafons of this Commandment. s. Gods liberality in allowing us 7d lays, and re. quiring bat one for himfelf. z. The feventh is hisown proper day. Who arecomprehend- ed in the Prohibition. t. The Rlafer of the Family. Z. Children. 3. Servants. 4. Catteh 5. Strangers. Thegeneral Reafonsof this Precept. 1. Godrefsfrom the Creation. Ad- dition zz, Moral Reafonsfometimesgiven ofa Ceremonial Precept. The rearmwhy a reft0 and