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The Contents. CHAP. IV. 16. Flow Preaching is apart ofGods warlhip. 17. About the Euch.arfjl, whether itmay be called a sacrifrce CHAP. V. 18. Concerning Cufiomsarnd Traditions of the Crch. 19. Of Imagesfor memories faire,~_ Comm CH A P. I. 20. what isliterallymeantly tzking,Gods_Name in vain. 231 CHAP. IV. 24. E000cerning thernatureof a Vow. 2 50 L HA P. II. 22. The fewilb Sabbath Ceremonial, the Lords day unchangeable. 263 23. of Ceremonies. 7 265 CHAP., III 243 The-whole DoUrineof t'he'sabbath,`and Lords bay lar§xely 1andled in feven.Concluiians.. , . 26á Cal Age 25. That moral Reafons arefometimesgiven ofCeremonialPrecepts. 279 AP. .IX.. adorning Churches. 299 27.'Of the Antiquity, neceffity, andfanc`Zity ofpiaresforpublick worfhip.299 CHAP. XII.. 29. About Tythesand their Morality, that they areAli due, not jure natu- rali, but bypoftive DivineLaw from the.beginning. 306 30. bf Oblations. 30$ Com.S. C7? A P. V. 31. of the end of Governonent,,and whether People be above their «over- pours. 331 32. Ofobedience tojuft Authorityin thingsdoubtful. 339 CHAP. VIII. 33. That the power of . Princes is only fromGod, provedout of the Authors o- ther writings. 373 Com.6. CHAP. III. 34. Ofthe Caufes of apoll' War. Com.S. C A P. VII. 35. Concerning Reflitution. Com.9. CHAP. I. 36. About the meaningof the word flb37 refpondere. 294 Page 205 207 2I0 214 q.07 475 N