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TABU OF THE SUPPLEMENTS or ADDITION S. WHEREIN TheSence of the Author iS cleared in fome places where it was obkure ordoubtful, and fome things are handled more ful- ly, whichwere omitted, or but briefly touched, &c. Introduft. CHAP. XI I I. I. ConcerningPoints clear andcontroverted. I', e` sz z. OfPeoplesfubmitting to the judgment oftheChurch.` 55 3. Ofthe Churches Power to interpret the scriptures. CHAP. X I V. 59. 4. 'That the Moral Law is an'effential part of the Gofpel orfeconìl.Cove_ pant, CHAP. )(VII. .5$ 5. About mans ability to keep the Lawof Chrifl'by his Grace. 71 Corn. I. CHAP. I. 7 6. That thefourfundamental Articles of all Religion are implied in four frfl Precepts. S8 C HA P. III. 7. Ofthe force of Church Caftans. 95 CHAP. IV. 8. About the dif1inc`lion of inward andoutwardworfhip. zoo C HA P. VIII 9. Concerning the evidence of faith, andfreedomof affine, I9. Concerning the nature of faith. I I I 115 C ItAP. VIII. Ix. Ofthe feat offaith. Com.2. CHAP. I. I21 Iz. That the making ofImages was abfolntely forbidden the -3ews, and in that refpeli that the Precept v eu partly pof Live; and reached only to them. I; whether all voluntary andfree ,,o n; L. forbidden 193 wilLwor/hip. CHAP. III. r4. ofSt. ChryfofFoms Liturgy. Is. O f the Second Council ofNice. 194 tot 203 CHAP,