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q chap: t. The Intyoduüion. To what purpofe is it to have an Inftrut`.lcr, or tracheaoutwardly, if he be not within alfo. And Plutarch when we come to age, there a change of theGaverninrg off, and rejeling of Government,but wr x' re , g Seeing then that Children muff have Teachers and Governors within them, before theybe freed from Tutors and Governors without them , it is neceffary that we begin to teach them betimes; left at the quitting them from the outward, they have neither the inward not the outward ; but be like the fons of Belial, that is, be under no oke nor Government at all. 9 The very Heathen could fee an aptnefs anddifpoftion in their Children to vice, and we may perceive their inclinations and propenfity to prophane and fcurrilous jefts. Therefore we are to take the advantage of their difpofitíons betimes; and to iir,ploy and exercife them in things that are good, to which (if they be well ordered) theywill be as apt as to bad. For no doubt, but if Children can fay of themfelvcs , Bald head to Elifha, they may be eafily taught, to fay Hofanna to Chriít. to. That time is ever to be taken which fittcth any thingbeft : but the time of youth is moll: fit to learn, in taped of the docibility of it : They are like to a new Mortar which favoureth moft of that fpice which is firft beaten in it : and to a new Veffel, that retains the fccnt of the firft Liquor, which was put into Hescr: it : o fond eft irrbeeta recenefervabit odorem, 7ef1'a din. As allo in refped that this Age is free from thofe cares and pallions which the world infufeth into men of elder age; as Ambition, Malice, Adultery , Covetoufnefs and the like, whichhave been great remora's and impeoiments in matter of Religion to thofe of riper years. So much for the time when, now for the mannerhow Children are to be inftru£ted. e4 r ' o ». ittci, I will teach, or catechize you, faith David, in this Text, 'En:ua..'a Pfal.;4.r1. 1107u, ;1:410t .r.)' 494 *de Although an Argument from the name proveth little, yet a'"ziyr.00gYitexplaineth well : the Englifh and the Latine follow well the Greek sa,áx,me, which feemeth alto to be proportioned from the Hebrew word ;1]') to iterate, or todo any thing the fecond time, or of l7J which fignifieth firft acaere, to whet, or fharpen, to make it the fitter to enter. And z. repeeere, to go over and over the fame thing, as we ufe to do with our Knives upon a whetftone : And in both thefe are contained the duties both of Catechilt and Catechized. Of the firft , by making his Doctrine theeafier toenter, bygiving it fuck an edges by a perfpicuous method; as that Children may not only underftand, but carry away allo what hede. livererh to them :' of the later,byoften going over that which-he is taught,as a knife doth a whetftone, and to repeat and iterate it till he hivemade it his own. So that we fee, that twnxn and i,?., to refound, is included an iteration, from which word; wehave our Eccho inFnglilh. "u is indeed to found the laft fyllable, and fuch founders happily there are enough : but koni. is to found in the whole, after one again. And fuch is the repetition which is required, of the right and true ss'"s"a.,', youn g Catechized Chriftians ; and thofe places are called t,.ox'1., that give the whole verfe or word again. ice Ax..oee s. r4. 9reGGareeie ásrie9ee rdn+aäg.108,ioa tiz? ,truxGau, ÿ "'An ia,dd,9,ier'uo' 47'4* 1ef` `H`' Catechifm is theDocìrine of Godlinels or Religion firft declared by the Catechifer Çletnett to learners, of which afterwards accountis given by the learners, to their Inftru hor. And it is thus diftinguifhed from Preaching. a. Preaching is a dilating of one Member, or pointof Religion into a jult Treatife. Catechifing, is a contra£ting of the whole body of Religion, into an Abridge- ment or Sum. 2. Preaching is applied for the capacity of all forts of people, old and young, Catcchifing is appointed only for the younger fort, and thole which arc igno- rant. 3. Inpreaching there's no repetition required from the Auditors.