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The Introcluci`ior1, Cb .it. That lnftruftion is molt neceffary for Children may be proved otit of theLaw. I. The Law was not only given in refpefl of thole ofriper years; but to the youn- ger fort, and thattocicanfe their wayes : ss the Prophet David fpeaks. Pfaf:Ít9,gi 2, The Jews obferve, that there is memion made of Children three times in the Decaloguc, and of there three places, two of them are direEtly let down for regula- tingChildren in duties of Rcligi m, as in the obfervation of the Sabbath; and honour- ing Parents, one in eachTable. 3. Again, God in the fame Law gave Commandment to Parents to inform and in- E10d.12. ftruft their Children,why the Paffeover and other Religious Ordinances were com- manded; yea, though Children ;hall not ask of their Parents, yet Godlayeth affieut,6,zr charge sport them to fee their Children inftru fled in his Laws. And where- as many hold it not material or to be regarded what Children do, and that they are 7 not to be examined and cenfnred for their childifh aEfs, though wanton and wicked, the-Holy Ghoft confutesfuch people by the Wifeman, wo faith; fudicabuntur femi- tùfair (as Come tranflation hath it) even a childe is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right. Prov,so,tt4 2. And a, God would have them inftru(ted in his Laws; fo if when they are taught and admonifhed, they refufe good counfel, is will fall our, that fuch as are evil-affected andobítinatc, he means to deftroy, as in the cafe of Eli's Sons, who hearkned not to the voiceof their Father, becaufe God would flay them : andoft Sam,;; at: the forty two Children of the City of Bethel, who were devoured by Bears, for a Regar2-4. mocking the Prophet Elifha. Whereas on the other fide; God'gives a Welling to fuch Children as are willing to be inüruftcd in his fear, and the ways ofhis Com- mandments. 3. To this the Hebrew Proverb may be added , There are to be feen in Golgotha sitglls of allizei : thatis, death ( the reward of fin ) feizeth upon the young as well as upon the old, and the young as the old (hall be judgedby their works. /Pro Rer.zotzz; the dead(faith Sr. john)fmall sndgrearftandbefore God, and theywere judged according to their work f. 4. Again from the Gofpel, Exemplum dedi vobis, I have given you an Example, john t3.T f; faith our Saviour; of whom.the Divines Rule is, Omnis ättio Chrifli iteru6iio no- fine eft; Every aJtion of Chrift isfor our inftruftion. And he hath left anexample and prefident for Children; inthat at twelveyears of age he was found in the Tem- ple with the DoEtors, both hearing and asking them Qucflotts, and fo fubmittingLuke z.46, himfelf to Catechifing. g. When the Chief Priefts andScribes were fore difpleafedat th'e Children that Mat.zt.t f,t6 cried`Hofanna to our Saviour; he approved of their fong of praife, and quoted a Text for-their juflificationoutof the Pfalms, Out of themouth gfbabe; andfuckjings Pfal.B.a, hafthou perfeEled praife, and upon that at of theirs, one faith, Nen mints; placee Hofanna ptterorum, guamHallelujah viroram. The Hofanna ofChildren pleafed Chrift' no lets than the Hallelujah of men. a 6. In theGofpel, Chrift; charge to Saint Peter, was not terfeed his fheep- onl' Sohn zti but his Lambs alto, and his Lambs in the firft place : becaufe the in'creale of the flock depends chiefly upon the forwardnefs`and` thriving`of the-Lamb's' i for they beingwell, fcdrand looked-to; lets pains willbe taken with themwhen they cone to' be fheept 7. When thou voweft a Vow (,faith the Preacher ) defer not topay it, Allhcccl,ç:4á stipulations and folemn Promifes muff be performed affoon'aswe can. But in our Baptifm we made a Vow to learn the fear of God ; therefore we are to per= fórm it in the prime of our youth ; and the rather, becaufe, whereas by thedi- reftion of our Saviour the Difciples were to teach and baptize, yet in flttguhat' ft -'Mar:a8.rg; your to the Children of the faithful this priviledge is given, that they firft maybe baptized; andthen taught. 14azienzea faith, Mara',Gn uu sw, arS'r&o deèavft Godhath let it in the fecond place, do not thou let it in noplace, It fhoulex., d be fiilf therefore as loon as may be. Saint Augufline faith, ware adhibetur Magiffer extrinficue, nifi tat fit it:m. r "Ëp3' A4 ToTrIa' ;q