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Tr tl odu O ftbefii tend f *[and ?Temple. Chap.,". 3 known tobe of the Tribe of j ¡dab, of the City of Bethleem, and of the Pofterity of David. ,Nor did the Jews ever in the Gofpel cavil at this : which theywould have attempted, had the coofufion of this Tribe given them juíl occafion. But not long after Chrifts death all the Tribes were confounded. And the Emperours of Rome, af- ter they had heard, that Ex }idea nafeeretur Dominos Orbix, that in jndea the Lord of the world thould be born, prefently laboured to root out the Tribe of 3Kdab, and forced them to confound their Genealogies, and upon ab mifcarriages and rebellions of the. Jews flew many thoufanis of them, and caufed the reif to be difperfed into all courts adjoyning, or to live in miferable Ilavery in Palefline. 4. The Prophet Danielrccciveth an Oracle fromGod by the Angel, that from theDeut.9 zs. time the Oracle was given, there fhould be feven weeks, and 62 weeks, and one week,in the latter half ofwhich laft week Chrift the MefTias preached,and was flain and put anend to all facrifices. Nowwhat thefe weeks are is (hewed in the Scrip- tute; that they fhould fignifie fo many weeks of years, not of days , fo accounting every week for fevers years, it makes49 years ; and fomany years was theTemple in building : for three yearswere fpent in providing materials and gathering them- felves together, and45 years in building, as the Jews told our Saviour. After the John a ao. building of the fecond Temple and the walls of 7erKfalem, there followed 62 fevens, and one feven. So that from that time, to the deathof the Prince Meffiah were 490 years, or 70 times (even times. g. The Prophet Haggai faith, That theglory of the latter hoofe (hall begreater than Hagg.s.g. the gloryof the former. Now in the left Temple wereglorious things ; As the Arkof the Lord , thePot ofManna, 4srons rod, the (hew- bread, &c. And thefecundTem- plehad none of there ; and yet the Prophet faith, that the Gloryof the later fbosldex- ceed theglory of theformer t how this Prophefie thould hold, they will never (hew, untcfs in the tine of Chrift the Meflìas whole prefence madeit more glorious, than the other things did the former ; for we know that 40 years after our Savioursdeath, the later Temple was deftroyed. 6. Petrus Galatinne faith, that the Difciplesof Rabbi Hillel confidering there Pro= phefres ( though they lived so years beforeChrifts time) hoped theMeffiah fhould be born in the age that they lived, being induced thereunto, by, the raying of Efay Efa,6o.a;;1 in the perron of the Lord; I the Lord willhaften it. And efpccially by Dania.; fpeech Daniel y,aa of the feventyfevens. ?That in Efa,921 tth w ith final was apprehendedby them for agreat Myftery, and that in that place fignifieth600.for óooyears between Efayt time and Chrifts. 8. The Jews fay further, that the Prophefie of the fecond Temple ( which was a flili voice coming from the Lord) Mouldnot ceafe, and that the Temple fhould not -- open till the Mefliancame. And they have confeft, that this voice caafed in Chrifts rime, and in Heredrdays, and that the Veil of the Temple rent in twopieces, and never after came together. 9. Befides thefe, the continual fending two and fro by the Jews, and lam Baptift, Ef .9.7: and the Difciples Queltíons toour Saviour, argues that there was a great expeEtati. Luit. a, 25.3 on that the Meffiah fhould come at that time. As alto the fpeech of Simeon, his Mark r 1.43 waiting for the confolationof Ifrael. And the fpeaking of 'Iona of the Melbah, toall that looked for redemption inyerufelem: And laftly, lofeph of 4rimathea'slooking for the ingdom of God to appear, thew, that in thofe very times many religious men had gt cat hopeof comfort to bebrought to them by their Meffiah, ro. Again, there were at that time more than at any other, many counterfeit and Lib36,17,t8. falfe Me ab's, either eight or ten as 7afephtu certifies. As Herod, from whom the Herodians, ludat,7heudiu, and others, and among them, Bar Corba the younger, who was in fuck cfj`imationamong them, t'iat all the Rabbins rave one, confeft him to be the Mcffrah. r 1. Saida reporteth, that it was related to fuflinian the Emperour by Philip a Merchant of Conflantinople, who had the report from one Theodolites a Jew , that in theCatalogue of the Jews Pricfis was found Lei nirìeud One 14.e.44 Jefus the Sonof Luke . God and A-Mry : and that he had beenadmitted into the Societyof the Priefts alto, Mat. u, clfe he could not have beenpermitted to preach either at Nazareth or Capernaum, be- ing of the tribe of 7udah. 52. To