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Introdu& 40 Chap. 9. Gods udgnrent on theJews. . .2.. To there we may add that which they hold, that after 1Mafachy, in the fe- cond Temple they thould have no Prophet till the Meffiah, and that the Temple 1'1' 19'43' thouldRand till he Mould come. And we fee that our Saviour prophefedof the de- ftruftien of theTemple, which accordingly came to pats. Amoss.6. 13. LatBy, thatfor thecrucifying of our Saviour, the Prophefies of Amor and Zech.r s.3.10. Zeehary werefulfilled in the everfion of the City and defolation of the Jews. A thing fo ftrange, that thevery Heathen teeing it, faid, that the hand of God was. againft them. For of it felt' 3erufalem was fo impregnable, as that it might compare with the ftrongeft piece in the world : Betides, Vefpagan was forced to forbear the Siege a long time, for want of water to refrefh his Army ; infomuch as he offered them not only large proffers of Peace, but that they thould fet down their own conditions, fo they would yield, all which they ftubbornly refuted. But it isobfer- ved ( and certainly it was bccaufc of Gods wrath againff the Jews) that in the grea- teft dittrefs of the Romans for want of water, upon a fudden the little Brook Sito (which for many years had beenfodry, as that men parted over it on foot) did fo fwell and rife with water, without any natural caufe, that it ferved abundantly for y-efpafisns whole Army. And to aflfiCt the Jews the more, the Lord fent fuch a plague into the City, that (betides many thoufands flain in the Siege) they wanted ground within the Walls to bury their dead, and were forced to cart them over : and fueh a famine,that they were compelled toeat theirown Children. Titus hereupon made the frll breach into theCity, and that at the Brook Cedron, where the Jews apprehendedChrift, and at the fame Feaft in which he was taken, to wit, the Paffeover. He caufed them to be whipped, as they fcourged our Savi- our, and fold thirty Jews for a denarion, as they fold Chrift for thirty denaria, or pie- ces of filver. Amos a.6. In the Prophefie of Amos it is laid, For three tranfprefons of Ifrael, and for four, I will not turn away the punifhment thereof, becaufe they fold the righte- ous for fiver, &c. The Jewsbeing urged to tell of whom the Prophet meant this, (havingno other (hilt) fay, that it was fpoken concerning 7ofeph, whowas fold by thePatriarchs for filver. But this Prophetic was never more fully accomplifhed,than in our Savionr the true Mef iah, and in themfelves,concerning the vengeance. For therefore fuffered they that mifery before mentioned, and never lincehave been relea- fed, but fcattered over the world almoft thefe 160o years, hated of all Nations, and become littlebetter than bondfaves, forfaken and fcorned by all,infomuch that where- as they were wont to hire Rabbins to teach them, the Rabbins are now forced to hire the Jews to be their Auditors. 3 The laic erroneous Pofition or Tenet of the Jews is, that the Mefiias is not yee come. Toanfwer them in this point (befides fome of the Arguments againff their fe. condErrour which fit this alto ) t. It is Paid by the Prophet, Bar thou Bethleem Micah 5.2. Ephratab, though thou be little among the thoufands of yadah, yet out of thee, fhall he come forth to me, that is to be Ruler in Iliad, whofe goings forth have been from of old, from everlafling. This bath been, and is confeffed by all, to be a plainPro- phefie of the birth of the Meffias in Bethleem. And now there is no fuch place as Beth- teem nor any memorial, where it flood ; which thews plainly, that it couldbe pro phefiedof nonebut Jefus, whowas born there, and that he is the Meffias. In which rcfpea they are put to their fhifts to make this anfwer, That he was born there be- fore the deftruClion of the fecond Temple, but hath ever lince layen obfcure inTome place, God knows where,for they know not ; but he will at length manifeft himfelf. But thisanfwer Saint Augufline and others have fuffciently confuted, though it be in it;felf fcarce worthy of confutation. Aa.M rcettas. 2. Again, 7ulian theApoftata, thinking towork defpite to the Chriflians gave socraw. leave to the Jews to re-edifie theTemple, and they attempting to lay the foundation of it, were hindred by flames of firethat brake out of the earth, which burnt their timber-work, and difperfcd the (tones : and though the Emperour (to encourage them to it again,fupplied the Jews divers times after with nanny towards there.edi tying it) yet frill the fire buril out of the earth, and overthrew that they did. 3. Since