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42 Chap. T. Mahometanifine.falfe and to be contemned. ìntr©duE. Chap. 3. accounting it animpious thing non ulcifci injuriam, not torevenge'an injury. Their pray Life confirms their permiffion of Polygamy for every man may have fourWives =3 andmore Concubines. They favour Adultery, fornoAdulterer iscondemned with- out four witneffes. For the fin againft nature, and couplingwith Beafts, they Chap ac, have a toleration, nay, they which offend molt this way arereputed the holieft. And for fpoyling and robbing of others in Via Dei (as they call it) in the way of God : we fee by 'experience, that it is fo commonwith them, that it is dange- rous travailing in thole Countreys, except there be an hundred, or two hundred in a; company. s. Mahomets Miracles are let down, but without witness orpoffibility of truth. Chap. 95, As that he being a Child, and driving Cattel ( for that was his profeffion) the Angel Gabriel took a lumpof blood out of his heart, and clofed it again: This lump he affirmed to be the original fin in man, but Anatomifts fay, that thereis no fuck blood in the Heart. Another as gross as this is, That he being with one of his kinfinen abroad in a clear Moon thine night, his Cousin requefted him to eaufe the Moon to come down, and to divide it felf: and that the one halfof it, might come into his kinfmans fieeve, and theother into theother fleeve, and come whole again out of his Breast, and then ascend again, which it did. But it is a great wonder that theAftro- nomers at that time miffed her not from Heaven : feeing they have noted the very leaft Eclypfe: but indeed it was aprivatemiracle between them two : and amanof mean underftanding would conceive it impoffible, that fo great a body shouldcome into a little pair of fleeves. 6. The means of propagating his Religion was unatural and cruel , that is Chap. 13. by the Sword: for God (ashe affirms) delivered a Sword to him, to corn- peli and force Men , that otherwife would not be perfwaded to adhere to his Religion. 7. Laftly, this Religion and Chriltianity increafed notthe fame way, for Chriftia. nity was propagatedby beingkiller, Turcifine by killing; Chriftianity by Truth, the other by perjury Chriftianity by the word of God, the other by the policy of men, hath increafed to that growth and height it is. And therefore (as we laid of the two former, fo here ) this Religion is falfe and to be con- temned. CHAP. XI. OfChristian Religion. The Truth thereofin yeueral proved. r. By the antiquity of it, out ofthe Heathen authors themfelves. z. By the continuance andprefervateon ofit. 3. By the certainty. 4. By the end it leads to viz. to God, it gives all honour tohim. Deprives man of all. Other reasons. It restrains carnal liberty, allowed by falfe Reli. gions; reaches to the Heart. It contains mysteries above mans capacity. Teaches con- tempt of the world; requires ffiritual warfhip. Confirmedby miracles beyond exception. Prophecies. finE laft and true Religion is Chriftianity which being in the laft of the four points propounded in the beginning. That the. Scriptures of theold and new Testament being Gods word, whether our religion be truly groundéd upon it ? Saint Peter faith; concerning this Religion, we have a moreCure word of prophe- a Pete I. 15. cy, &c. That is, we arc certain and allured, that the Scripturesare true, sad fo were they, from whom we received them. And though there be but a fmall portion of them immediately from God yet the ref} which were delivered by the Mi. neftry of Mao , were infpired into them that left them to us , by the Spirit of God, and, therefore we muff hold them as infallible truths. And that the Scriptures and Chriftianity are fo, is to be proved by four arguments, 1. ,From theantiquity of them; z. From the continuance and pre fervation of them, 3. From the