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Inrrodu&t, OfMahometanifine. Chap. ró;. 3. Since which time there arofe one, . that tookupon him to gather together again, the difperfed Jews, who called himfelf Mofes Cretenjis: this man, to make him- Pelf great in their opinions, would takeupon him to divide the Sea, and with four hundred of his fellows would go through it dry-(hod: but he and they .were all miferably drowned, their Friends,that flood upon the Thee to fee the event, being not able to fave one of them. 4. LaRly the time prefixedby their Rabbins, whentheir Meefah fhould 'Come, is expired, and they fruftrateof theirexpeElation.. The time which forne of them allotted to it was twelve hundred years, fome thirteen hundred and ninety, force more, force left. Some of them affirming, that the world (hould continue but fix thoufand years, which they thus apportioned. Two thoufandyears before the Law, two thoufand years under theLaw to Çhrifts time, and two thoufand years after Chrifl, under grace : of which are paft above five thoufand five hundred and feventy years already, and therefore the expeftation of their Chrift is now vain , and fo is their Religon. So that now they are fo afhamed of their former ac- counts and calculations, by failingof, and in them fo grofsly, thatÏthey forbid . all men tomake any more, and thaton pain of death. Thus are they given,up and led .ffirituvertiginis,(fo that though their eyes be open, yet they will not fee, and their hearts are hardned, that they will not underftand, as was prophecied of them long ifa, 44. I s. face. And thus much for Judaifme. CHAP. X. Of Mahometanifrne. Thu Riligion peoved to be falfe by feven reafons. The third Religion is that oftheTurks and Saracens calledMahometanifine. Hefe Salaries, though theyagreewith us; that there is but one God, yet in the 3é main point they differ fromus, and fay that Chrift is not the laft Prophet, but Mahomet is the laft, and muff finifh all Prophecies. Againft theirReligion there are feven demonftrations to prove the falfityofit. r. Becaufe it cannotabide the touch; for they hold thatit muff not bedifputed of onpain of death :!no queftionmutt bemade of it : it mutt betaken upon miff : where- as Truth delighteth in nothing more than in tryal. "eritàs nihil veretur, nif abfcondi, .it fears nothing more, than that itfhould not come to light. And in this point, Ma- hornets Difciples are like men that payBrats for Gold, faying it is good, but will not fuller it to be tryed. z. If ever therewere Book !tuft with thofewhich are called Anilesfabnix, old Wives tales, it is their Alearon, which isevery where fraught with molt ridiculous untruths. Andreas .Maurits a Saracen, and a Bithopquoteth nine hundred untruths Sr t, in it,' whereof two are in on Senlion. r. That the Virgin Mary was the Sifter to !Wafer, and 2. That Abraham was theSon of Lazarus the Begger, neither of them being contemporary by many hundredsof years. 3, TheirDoetime is carnal and foolifh, placing happinefs in pleafure taken in things vifible, and fenfible, and hath many fond relations : s that ddab'omet (being in Heaven ) did fee not only Gods face, but felt his hand, annd that they were (even- ly times colder thanIce. Atid that the Angels have Bodies and leads, and one of them fever thoufand heads. That the Devils are cirçumcifcd, and therefore have chap- bodies. That the ¡tars are nothing elfe but Candles in a round glafs hangingdown by Chains: and the like foolifh and abfurd doElrinesare contained in the Bookof their Religon 4. His promifes are meerly carnal too, fit for none,, but ßeliogabalùs; filch are thole of his paradife , and honours, with the lulls of the fléfh. And his pre-,ehap.,S. 5z. 'opts are ficentioua giving indulgence,to perjury and fwearïng,to revenge, and murder S+ 6z. F account.