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7he C_; AS V, S Ret-oived. Ermon t. How may we be univerfilly and exactly confcientious As 24, t 6. Page r. Sermon 2. What mull andcan Perforas do towards their own Converfi- on :' Ezek.18.3 u, P33 Serm. 3. Howmaybeloved lulls be difcoveredandmortiPied? Mat, 5, 29,30. Serm. What Rela es are incon : ent withGrace ? Fleb.6. p z 4. f f 4 s,6. P.7 Serm, 5. Howmay we be fofpiritual, irs to checkfan in the firfi rifirgs of it ? Gal. 5.16. P 9 Serm, 6. HowMini/lers or Chriflianfriends may, andought to apply them- felves toFick perEons, fer theirgood, and the d(char,-e of their ow, Confcience ?Job 33.23,24. p.:17 Serm. 7. Howmugwe reprove,that we may not partake of other mens fns ? I TIM. 5.22. p.129 Serm. 8. What means may be afedtowards the converßon of eur carnal Re- lations ? -Rom. r o. T. p.155 Serm. 9, what are the Charat ers ofa Souls fincere love to Chrifi and how may that love to him be kindled and inflamed ? Eph.6.24. p.186 Serm. io. Wherein lies that exael Righteoufneß, which is required between manandman ? Mat.. t 2. p.a t6 Serm. i r. After what manner mull wegive Alen:, that they may be acceptable andpleating unto God if t Tim.6.17,1 8,19. p.240 Serm.12. If we mull aime at Aurance, what Jhould they do, that are not able to difcern their own fpiritualcondition,: , Joh.5 13. P.279 Serm.13. What difference is there between the con lici in NaturalandSpiri- tualPerforas ? Rom.7.23. Serm,14. What faith is that, which except we have in prayer, tie mull ct think to obtain any thing of God ? Jam. T.6. Serm.i 5, ofthe caufe of InwardTrouble, and bow a Chriftianfhouldbehave himfelfwhen inward andoutward Troubles meet: Gen.42.21,22. p.343 Serm. 16