Annesley - Houston-Packer Collection BX9327 .M6 1664

if I had but the Apofiles Graces to help me in the m t mer, I can ( without boafting )at preCent ufe the matter of his Spiri- +i.s.s,y, tually- paífionate exprefiions ; That Igreatly long after you all, I °, I. in the bowels of lefus Chrift. Andthis 1pray, that your love to truth and holinefs may aboundyet more, and more, in laving knowledge, and in all found judgement. Thatyou may prat i- cally approve things that are rxcellent; and that you maybe fin- cerely gracious, and univerCally without offence till the day of Chrift. That you may be filled with thefruits of righteouJnefs, which are by e [us Chri/1 unto theglory andpraife ofCod. TheCe (myBeloved ) are and!hall be ( through Grace) the confiant delires and reftlefs endeavours of Novemb.14.. 166!e Your moll affeetionate Soul -Servant Samuel iinnefley. THE