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Ir3o Salraeyon. Gail. Chryf. T'heoph 7'Freod.Calvin. Paratt.s.E}irss. Eititsd. (leas itenitcs. Etkitos in loc. Mar.r 3.37. Castt.ç. , ,slowmtsflt we reprove, that we ?say not Serin.', of Abfolution, others of thehands of Benedit?ion, others of the hands of Confirmation, but moll and beti,ofthe hands of Ordination, i. e. Ordain no man, admit no man tnto this Sacred and weighty Office and Fu,,- 6tionof the Miniflry,fuddenly. Suddenly, i.e. not before natural C4- pacity, not without competent ability, not unlefs qualified with piety, tndtery,gravity. Thedanger follows, Neither be partaker of other mess fins. a . Not of their fins who would importr,ee thee to Ordain unworthy merlons, Confcntiendo,by contenting. 2. Not of their fins who do Ordain unworthy perlons, Imitando, éy rnsnattyg. 3. Not of their fins who are Ordained, being unworthy perlons, and that, I. Not of their fns before Ordination, Approbando, by approving of them. 2. Not of their fins after Ordination,Ccnfirr4ndo,by conferminks em in them. For,faies the Apofile in the next verfe but one, Somemess fins are a en before-hand, going before tojstdgemeet, i.e. the Crifis, or Teti, or Censure, or Judgement of the Church : andforne followofer.This is the Grammatical fenceand Logical 4nalyfs of the words. But beloved, I mutt rate leave ro handle thewords in a greater la- tì :ude and extent : For certainly this Caution is not intended to Mi- ni tiers only, neither is it to be confined to the Cafe of Ordination ; but as Chrìfi faid upon another occafion, what Ifay rnntoyou, Ifay unto all. So .here, what Saint Paul writes to Timothy, he fpeaks to all ? a private Chriflian as well as a LiYlinis` er, a Church-member, as well as a Church-Elder, mufa be fure to take held, that he be not partaker of other mensfins. The C Ise of Confcience to be difcufed this morning is this ; Cafe. Howmutt we reprove, andnot partake, of other wensfins? And indeed this Cafe isco.aplex and double, is bears twins. I. Ahour Participation of other mensfin.F. 2. About Reproving of other mens fins. I muff beg leave to projea and manage my difcourfe sermon-wife, and fo commend to your Chritlian meditation this Truth and Do- 6trine.In theexplicationwhereof I (hall handle theformtr Cafe, and in the application the latter. Doer. It ought tobe every mans care, not topartake of any mansfin. Neither be partaker ---- In ait