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Serm.7. .partake of piher wens.fins F cording tothe frame and inclinati9n of the heart, according as the pul a of the heart beats, fo is every man in theaccount and eficem of Cod, if Sin has once tiorm'd the Fort- Royal of the heart, though it never appears in the out works, theGarrifon is lot+ : That which is upon the flage of the heart after confent, is as truly aced in the fight of God, as that which appears in the outward nsan by commiJfion. Mat.' 5.19. Out of theheart proceeds murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, falfe witneffes, bla(phemies. Why beloved, from thehand proceeds Mur- ders and Thefts, Eph. 4. 28. from the eje proceeds Adulteries and Fornication!, 2. Pet. a. 14. and from the tongue proceeds falfe wtt- neffes and blafphemies, Pfal. 120, 3. Oh but theheart is the forge of all. You may murder a man with a thought, as they fay theBafrli k.. wi Í with a look, fuch a poyfonous thing a wicked heart is; and lee me tell yon,'cis the heart-murder, and the beart-adultery,and the heart-bl fphe- my,and the heart-iniquity,that God efpecially judges,according to that famous place, Y-er.`t y. i o. I theLordfearch theheart, togive to every man àccordiagtohis waies,i.e. according to what I fee at;`ed and done upon the file of the heart, faies God ; he does not only judge the at-lions, but he judges t he. v:_ry intentions. 3. By connivance, by a finful drtrembling, flattering and winking at others in their wickednefs and fins, fo men become guilty of others fns, Ifa.9.16. The leaders, of this people caufe them to erne ; 'cis in the Hebrew, the bleffers of this people caufe them to erre. Beloved, the bleffers of men inwickednefs are the leaders of men in wickednefs ; he that (hall wink at, and flatter men inSins, when he knows in his confcience that they do wickedly, he makes himfelf Captain and Ma- fler of Mif-rule among them.And thus weare too prone cobe partakers of Magiflrates fns, and Governottrsfins, andgreatin ensfns,Patronsfins, and Landlordsfns. If the Grandees of theworld profane the Sabbath, difhonour God, rant and fvvear, and fcoff at Religion ; out of a bate cowardly fpirit, or out of a carnal cove ous heart, we flatter them and let them alone, it may be applaud them, as he raid, To fac buns Dorainam, to facit isle Dom, do but make him a Lord, and he firaight-way makes thee a God ; as if wewere not to ditiinguith be- tween the perfons of men, and thevices of men, or as if fo be Ne mere feared a mortal man, whole breath is in his nofirils, than we do the immortal God, who canfrown us into hell in a moment : Oh this is to be deeplyguilty of other mens Sins. See how fharpiy God by his Pro- phet taxes and reproves this dasrbing in chofe wicked ',phallus, that Po 133 s°)tMmt3 ea±ifiGRate n P., popctlósm.