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132 Howmull we reprove, that wemaynot re guilty of thofe nc,once by infetiion, and again by infigation. f Hence is that frequent expreilion among the Fathers concerning Arius the Heretick, that look how many fouls he had (educed to his heretic and blafphemy, fo many feveral addi.ios of torments he had in hell, as guilty of all their fins : Oh man, whoever thou arc that ma- ketl thy neighbour drunk, byputting the bottle to his mouth, that caIlefl Habak.:,.I S. to thy brother, flying, CO in thy lot amongfl as, and let us have one purfe, that tntictill the foul of the fimple with a Come, let is take ourfill of loves, andfolace ourfelves until' the morning. I tell thee, thou art guilty of all their (ins, and maye(l juttly be punt1 cd wich all their plagues : for this, Chriflians, is a moll Devil/4h pra6tice, to tempt and provoke others to wickdnefs. All fins indeed are devillifh fins, Permodum fer- vitutis ; but forte fins are devilli(h fins, Per modem imagines, in all tins, men bear the Devilsyoak, I Joh.3.8. but in foal.: iins,rnen bear the De- vils image. Five Sins efpecially the Scripturebrands as devilliih Sins,and-this is the chief. I. Falfe accufatíon, 2 Tirn.3.3, men (hall 6cftlfe accafers,De- vils, flies the Greek. 2. Lying, are of your father the Devil, for he is a liar and the father of it. 3. Pride, I Tim. 3.6. not a novice, left pied app with pride, hefall into the condemnationof the Devil. 4. Perfecn- tton, I? the Devil fhall cafltomeofyou into prifon, i. e. devillifh, men- perfecutors. 5. Temptation, as this is, Get thee behind me Satan, fairs thrift to Peter, when he tempted him, ll'lat.16.: 3. He that 4aall either hinder another of doing that good which is commanded, or (hall farther another to the doingof that evil which is prohibited, is juflly chargeable with both their Sins. 2. By compliance, by confenìicg and complying, with Sin and Sinners, fo a man makes himfelf partaker, though he has no hand in t, yet if he has a heart in't, though he does not aft it, yet if he likes it, and loves it, and approves it, though he does not perfecute Gods Saints and Mini- fiers, yer if he faith,A /, ! aha ! fo would we have it, 'as enough to Mahe him guilty beforeGod. be had nohand in St. Stephens death, he did not cafl oneflon: at him; but becaufe he looked on with approbation,and flood by with content, Ails 8.1. Saki wag contenting unto his death, therefore was he elteemed guilty of his bioud and murder,and fo himfelf confefres,when Godbad awakened him, and humbled him to repentance, Ac.2a.20. Whey the bloudofthy Martyr Stephen was(bed,' was contenting to his death, and fo chargeshimfelf asguilty of ir. God look9not upon theoutward man fo much as upen the heart; e- cording