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Serin. r. andexactly confciestior ? 3 I. Confcience is mans judgment of himfelf x i. e. ofhis Eflate and .Atli- The I3efcrip- ens 7, ae they are fubjetted unto the judgment of God.I i hetetore dole with tion, this defcript on toWave thedecerminacion of that.School-di fpute,whe- x Amef. de cQs- ther it be an 11aiz,or an Habita,whether of theMae,fianding b,or vvilic, fci.1.i. c.Yp.i or both d,vvhether it be a diflin&c Faculty e, or Power f, how farborn with Y v®et. Sel. d;f- us, and hove far acquired $.I willingly let pats ali i',t'nat doth not further zuDúranci 1. z7. the deign I driveat, viz,. an univcrfal and exaCi confcientioufnefs. díí},39, p. 441 For Confcience, the Hebrews ordinarily make de of two words, viz. Aquino. .qu.79. [Heart] and [Spirit] [Heart] in Prov.4.23. Keep thy hear. i,i.e.keep thy arr. 13. p.147. Confcience with d diligence ; and fo in the New Teft mert, i 7. h.3 °2o' '''''-g. o f .tprde Ifour Heart k,i.e.if our Confcience condemn ats.[Spirit] in Prov.18.14 I. §., AwoundedSpirit', i. e. a wounded Confcience who can bear, and fo in b Pierique refc- the New Tel-lament, i Cor.2.11. that man kroweth t hethingsof a nsan, runt ad intelle- lave the Spirit m of man,i.e.the Confcience of Man that is A him.Bur in plum. Bald. cafe Fngli(h ( as alfo in the Greeka,andLatine ° whence we borrow it ) 'tis c°ibdem.4t p s° called [Confcience] knowledge with anorher,which excellently fees forth d Breferde conf. theScriptural nature of it, as Job 1 6.19. My witneß is in heaven, and 1.I.c.6.p.z3. Rom.9. I. 1 fay the truth my Confcience alto rearing me nvitraeßin the e Mr.&maïd Holy Ghog. Inboth places, q.d. God wicneffeth withmy Confcience P. his Treadle; of Confcience is placed in the middle, tender God and above roan q I will Confcience,pq. F ? fHuá t upon clofe this with Brochnmand s defcription of Confcience; r, to be a,l ind of Confcien. p.87. filent reafoning of the Mind, whofe definitive fentence is received by foriseaf- gSaad.'b d.p.z3 feciion of the Heart, whereby thole things which are judged to begood and It Impr ohms o6- right, are approved ofwith delight,but thofe thingswhichare evil randn.aobt fervandrrrrt eft, d t.4ittaYJB Cc 4J1 are difapproved withgriefandforrow, Godbathplaced this in aYmen,partly ,.i;,m mentis to be a judgment and tefimony of that integrity to whichmaxi wao atfirfl nempe potc;ti created, and ofthat corruption that followedfin ; partly that Godmay have a rum,habi tuu, Tribunal eretled in the breath of men, to =tore delinquents, and to exeufe a `'14m., i.atcr thofe that do what is good and right. je rsatone co' nattonem,tarrt- que areTam quoad upon 6- exercitium conjunc io«em,five connexionem,ut nonfoltim vocibulorum appel- lationes,fed er reales f..gulerum preprietates, 6 officia, reliquts promifcuè e.r - indifcriniinatim a_ttribui foleaot ; idquenon in exoteric-is tantumpoetarum, eratorum, altonsmque homaiiioris literaturx autborum, ( quibas liceratiOs logui permißum eft ) fed& in dogmaticis Pbilefopbontm & Scbolafticoru»s fcriptis Idem coder); pl. and in the laft paragraphof that Ieeture, aúfo!ui ta-idem ecrte obfcorius quam ant voluiffém,atet debui1 em,fi res aliter tulilet Profego intricata ell er Perplexa viri gritviffirni jam oliíacenqueliifoam ) de anima intclltFtiva potentiis 6- facultatibhs difgnifitio qo capere fe putant,&quidemTao mod() capiunt illi teratiffüni gaique hoinunciones; base ipfa noes capiunt acu- tilliasi philofophhi qua ¡lire nequefatis admirari Dei opt. Max. infinitam Sahientiam, retundentis hoc patio humanamfuperbiam, car repnefentantis , velor io Ipeeulo, inaaemWarn Aeon-play, goat fibi videntur ali quid effe, corn nihilfiat, mirerè decipientes cor fuum p.3 5,36. 1 1241 coy tunin. k Xypd'ice. I ml`, toavtivuo.. n ovvc4J laic, o Confcientia. p sairdcifen ibidem, & poftca /palm. qPerkins Vol.s.,l.i.p.i I. r BYochmand.T.I.Art.i.c.3.q.z.p.7. B 2. 2. The