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4 Flow may we be unizterrally Serm. f Air.Bcrn.ard a. The Object of Confcience is very variotei,- Confcience hath great °fco'iP._56. employment fand much bufînefl with the whole min, and with all his erfx7' attions;'Lis like r_hofe living, Creatures in the Revelation all over eyes; t z Coï.1. 2. ac Rom.7 18. it looks to the Moderftandiaag t ; whether our wifdor-i be carnal or gra- x Rom.9.1,z. cious ; to theWid °,whether it go beyond or fall !-tort in ability of good y Heb.9.i4. ,performances ; co the .Affeftions%,whether theentertainment or refufal z. z T"11.1.3. cf the Gofpel be the matter of grearefl joy or forrow. It pries into all a Heb.9.9 our Anions both towards God and man.To'wards Gsdohecher ingeneral G,z. e I T:m.3.9. our eftate be goo, Y ; in jpecial whether our fervice be inward and z Spiri- t 1 Pet.3.7.1. ewal,or only outward a and formal. More particularly it furveigh; all our I,Latenp.7 Lo- duties whether wepray in faith b ; whether we hear with profit. c ; whe- cahulo pw- ther through our Baptafm, we can go unto God as unto an Oracle d ; Tfria i whether in the Lords Supper we hive fingular Communion with Chtif e; rgraxndo ia V.T.. Pi 5 if,aelrta dacan- in fhort, whether we do and will flick clofe to Religion F ; as knowing, tar interrogare that if Confcieaace do not beer right, Religion will be Shipwrackt g. osdemini Thus duties towards God are the great objea of Con(cience,but duties h.zptifrnrrs ei`l towards msw are the Secondary, and like unto ir. Towards map in our É whole converfation h. Particularly, that we be obedient toRulers s ,Pjpo:fo bo ;aa 1 r co afcrçstree,& ( and that which is in one place charged upon us for Confcience fake, is etiarninterroga- in another place commande ì for the Lords fake k ) in fhorr, that we be t.oraapcd Deum, 'sift in all our dealings;, avoiding all juflly offenfive things words n, q'' thoughts o hit we exprefs (-aangular charit t efpecially to fouls9 and frdracaa,deu;rs ac- r, ` 1 >, 7' ; E Y , cedere & inter- this in prayer r,when we can do nothing elfe,and Confcience doth not rogme, hoc eft onlydo all this at prefent urging to duty, or (hooting or tingling under cr.,5i to co.'f.ograi thecommiífion of fin, but it forefees things fataare, provoking to good, esmque rogs`e and cautioning 1 ainfl evil ; Vaud alto looks hack, upon things pall with n 1. r alias. or torment, gfo that iris eafier to reckon what is not the obje& of (Gerhard. r.c.T. JOY ç,. de sacr m. confcience than what is; ina word, Every thinz of dory and fin i3 the r.180.§ 88. objet ofCorfcieiece. iCor.1o.t 5,16 3. The Offices of Confcience are 1ì.kewife varaoau.In General,the pro- f e Per.3.15'16 Office of Confcience is difcur, vely to apply that light which is in .6a Tim the mind unto particular a&ions, or cafes. The light which is in the ï. Rom.; 3.5. mind is either the light of Nature, or the light of Divine- Revelation. k i Pet.z.13. By the light of Nature, I underhand thole common notions, ;which are t Heb.t 3.18' written in the hearts of men, which ( as a brand plucky out of thecom- rra i Cor.ic. 9. mon burning ) are the relique; of the Image of God after the fall. Not i .73.1 on. Scri turebutexperience evidenceth that thofe which are ra6lical oPfa.3.1S,i6 y. P p P P 1 Tim.1.5. Atheifls, that fay unto God depart from us fwe deire not the knonoledge of «Rom.9.1,' thy vies, yet cannot get rid of his Deputy, their Confcience : they car- z'EMI.3,4 ry a Spy,, a RegiLVer,. a. Monitor in their.bofom e, that doth acccife and f J61.144311. trouble