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145 How mf we repave, than we my rraa Serm.7, Farber, Maffer, Wife, givean account of thy Husbandihip,an.r give an accou L of thy Eatherfhip,give an account of rhy Maiterlhip, give an account of thy Wifethip, &c. This made Jofharab undertake for his houfe, as well as for. himfeif,jafh,24.r 5. Aaa this made David careful of his bottle, as well as his heart, Pfa1.Iol.z 1 will ivalkwithinmiwe houfe with perfecî heart ; not only with a perfedt hearr,buc in his houfe phic,n,z, with a perf °SI heart, fo as to refo°rn his family, tint that may be the Có1.4 c 5. Church or God, Col.4.1 5. as well as to reform himfelf, that he may be I Coï,6.i9. the Temple ofGod,' Cor. 3.17 Ah how many Families are there whofe houles are not the Church of God, but the Synagogue of Satan rather ; God is not in all their thoughts, nor God is not in ail their mouths,except it be in fwearing and curling, and bïafpheming. Their bellies are their God, and their lulls are their Lord. It is Paid of Noahs Ark, that it was pirchc within and without, Gen.6.14. Such (faies one ) is the condition of many a mans houle, it is a Noahs Ark, it is pitchy within and without, nothing but the pol- lutions and defilea entsof fin in every room, and paffige, and corner. 1dlene ( +ands it the door ; tUNconfcionableneß walks in the Chop ; Cove- tou[,;efs lurks in the counting;- houle ; Luxury fits at the Table ; Pride looks out at the windo rb ; Wantonnefs lodges in the bed ; all pitchy and filthy both within and without. And therefore Chriflians for the Lords fake, out with all this rub - bifh, ifit fhould be found in your Families ; How do you in London here delight to have your houfes clean, and hereupon fweep them, and wa(h them, and rub them ; oh that you would bc as careful to cleanfe your Families from fin, as you are to el:.anfe your houfes fromdirt ; how foon would this great City become an Habitation of Righteovfnefs, and a Mountain ofHolinefs; how would this Famil-Reformation prevent theguilt of Family-fins, and keep out Family-di(Iraetions, and fecure from Family-defolation. Therefore Sirs, let up family-watchfulnefs, and Family-corredlioan ; let every houfe be an boufe of correelion of it felt; and fer about Family-reading, and Family-conference, and Fami- ly-repetition, and especially Family }gayer. That all your houles m y ee like Gods houfe ; you know his is calledan houfe of Prayer, Ifs. 5.6.7. Minehoufe fhallbecalled an het fe of prayer for allpeople : So fhould yours, they fhouldbe houfes of prayer all of them ; if they be nor, let tre re,i you, they are no better than Dens of Thieves. Saith drift, Mir. 21.13. My houfe ¡hallbe calledan houfe of prayer, butyouhave made it eden of thieves. There is no Mediumbetwixt thefe two ; if your hou- fes be not houfes of Prayer, they are certainly dens of Thieves; ifyou do