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Serm.7. partakeof other metes fins ? 145 Among National fins,eipecia/ytake heed of Prophaneneß; is ob- vious, this is an umverial ípreading plague, that_ is to infer , he whole Kingdom, if God dots not in mercy prevent it. There is a de- lveofprof.,nenefs breaking in on every fide,Swearing,Drinking,Who- ring,Sabbuh-breaking,Scoffing,and Mocking at Religion, .11 the Coun- tries ring again. Men are now grown bold, and audacious, and incorri- gible in their wickedtaefs, that like a Titan-broad they even threaten I-leaven it Pelf with an over - daring impudence, as if they would ftorm ti-e Pallace of Jehovah,and pluck him out of his Throne. Oh take heed of partaking here ! 2. Farm y-fins, we mutt have a care of partaking here, and fo much the more watchful mutt webe, in that Family-fins of ail fins are molt catchingand info tious ; As it is with bodily difeafes,- if one be tick in an houfe, theyof thebloud,and kin, and family, are liket to catch the diftemper, becaufe of their frequent and intimate converfe efpecially So it is here, if therebe any predominant luft lurking in a Family, all are apt tobe infected with it, if they are not marvellous circumfpea and watchful. And therefore Parents, and Matters, and Governou :s of Families had need to be reformers both of themfelves,and all under their charge; for betides, that this is themoll compendious and fafeft way toStace- Reformation, and Church-Reformation. Every Family being a kind of a little Kingdom of it felf, and a little Church of is felt, where- in the Matter is both King, Nett, andProphet ; betides this, there is the found of this Argurnenr,and reafon to allarum them (v z. ) as they defire to have their fouls and confciences free from the guilt of other mens fins. Plato feeing a child do mifchief in the ftreets, went forthwith and corrected his Father for it; that Father that does not correct his child when he coes amifs, is juttly correCted for his faults, and it is the pat- tern of Gods judicial proceedings, as he virus the iniquities of the Fathers upon the Children, who imitate them : So he vifites the ini- quities of the Children upon the Fathers, who countenance and in- dulge them. A Jacob was countable to Laban for the whole flock, not a Sheep or a Lamb loll or torn, but it was required at his hands, Gen.31.39. Thus mutt Family Governours be accountable to God for every Lamb in the fold, for every Child in the Family, for every fervant in the houle, Lake 16.2. Saies God to him, Give an account of thy ,Steroardfhip, thou mayefi be no longer Steward : So will God one day cry aloud in thine cars, Qintili vare redde legiones, Husband, l Father,