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15 Howmuß we reproves :he: we away ntoe Scrn3.7. men, if they mifcarry, mull be reprovedas well as bad men. If `Peter temporize, Parel will nor fpare him, norTarnabas neither, they (hall hear on't, Ga1.2. Again,great mein, be they never to great, they fliould be admonithed as well as others, fo long as they are under the great God, and fubjeE to great failings and mifcarriages; Kings, and No- bles, and M 'giflrates, as well as meaner and inferiour herions. Nathan reproved David, though a King, and fo did Elijah, Ahab ; and'Nehe- mrah reproved he Nobles, and Rulers forUfury and Sbbarh-prc- phanation. Certainly, if any he fit to teach great men, they are as fit to reprove them, for both muff go together, z Tini.4.2. That's but e drone-lie Preaching that bath loft the fling of Reproving. It is the grear unhappinefs of Princes and Nobles that they have fo many flar- terers about them, and fo fewReprovers. Carxeades in Pltetarch was wont to fay;that great mensSons learned nothing well,hut to ridehor- fes ; for men would be fuse to flitter them ; If they run, they would lag behind, that they might out-run them ; if they wrefiled, theywould fall on purpofe, that they might feem to cafl them, crc. But a Horfe nor knowing a Prince from a Peafant, would down with him ifhe could not rule him. Jutl fo'risnow, let great men do what they will, both againll Scripture and Reafon,and Law,and Confcience, they will not want their Paraítes, both toencourage them,and applaud them : If there be not a Law for Cambyfes to marry his Sifler, rufh, what of that, there is a Law for Cambyfes to dowhat he pleafes and thus men our of cowzraize, and fear of frowns, and wrath, dare not reprove guilty Greatnefs. Oh but if a mathbe a faithful Monitor, he mull be impar- tial in his reproofs. Agag mull be reproved as well as thepoore(I AIma/ek te, and the Mountains mull be touchr,let them fmoak and fume never fo furioufly, to allude to that place,Pfal.44.5. This made that excelrenr Emperour 7heodoliud fo much elleem Ambrofe viz. that he durfl, and would out of the fenfe of his duty, reprove even the highell and proudefl. Ambroiriur.n ob hoc dignimEpifcopi nomine foltem novi ; but here humi- lity mnfl be ufed. 3. we morfi reprove difcreetly, aking a difference between man and man; For though it's true, that all Wire to be reproved, that are of- fenders, efpecilly within the Pale of the Church, r Cor.s 12. Except they be fcorners which Chri'fl calls Dogs and Swine, Mat.7.6. and obflinate Hereticks, Titus 3.i 0. yet all mull not he handed in the fame manner ; Some will do more with a Rod. thin others will do with a Scorpion. AGlafs is not to be handled fo roughly as a Brazen Veffel ;