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Serm.. partake of other mensfins ? j 53 is Vetfe hl sic Rule Sc. I.ude gives, ver.22,z 3.-- Some mutt be dealt withal! with lenitives, others with corrofives ; forne gently reproved, others (harply rebuked, according to the tendernefs or flubbornnefs of their difpofition, or according to the nature and quality of their offen- ces ; and here abundance of Rules might be laid down about publick, private, great, final!, feldom, or frequent offences. In one word, a Reprover mull be like the Thrataer, that theProphet defcribes, as one faies,lfa.28.27,28. 4. We muff reprove corrspaf onate1, with thedeepefi fenfe®four own fail- ings, and mifcarriages, and to with the greater pity to their infirmitie. ;, Ga1.6.1. Bernard Laid of himfelf, That he never faw another man fin, but he was difiruftful and jealous of his own heart, illeheri, ei' to hodie, & ego crag ---and this would file off a great deal of that rigour and roughnefs chat renders a Reproof fo unpleafing,and founprofitable; for verily Chriftian tendernefs and compatlion in the Reprover, is the bet,t way to work fenfe and paffion ita the firmer ; Si vrs fiere delendum eft prirnum ipfe tibi. This is the way to mollifie mens hearts, whereason a lordly, domi- neering, auflere, rigid Reproof, inftead ofrendring thy Brother Gods friend, thou doff but render thy fell his enemylam.t.2o 5. We muff reprove charitably, with the greatefl love to mens perfons, even then, when we thew the greatefl zeal againft their fins ; for it is one thing to be angry with the fins,and another with his perfon ; there- fore we (hould confulc our Brothers credit, and efteetn, and honour, and perfon, whilewe flab his fin : and not (as onePaid well ) in heal- ing a wound in his confcience and converfation, to leave a skar of re- proach upon his perfon, and a brandof (hatne and ignominy upon his Name; that were to do the work of an enemy under the viz:rdof a friend ; and thus I remember the Jews generally interpret that Law, Lev.' 9.17.---That is,fay the Talmudrfls andGemariffs, thou (halt rebuke thyBrother fo, as to reform him, but thou (halt not rebuke thy Brother fo, as to flame him ; thou (hait rebu',.e him in love and leni- ty, he that Games his Brother by rebuking him, bears his fin ; nay, fay they, he th Thames his Brother,fhall never enter into theKingdom of Heaven : Their meaning is, unlefs the fault benotorious, and publick, and fcandalous, for then they may (harne him. 1 fpeakit toyorar fhame, faith Paol. 6. we muf reprove meekly, not in rage, and pillion, andbirterneß, hut in meeknefs,and fweetnefs of fpirit,t his Rule the Apoflle gives,2 Tim. 2.25. Though there may be fome warmth in a Reproof, fo as to X fetch .