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154 Howmull ire reprove, that we may n®t,&c, Serm.7f fetch off the hair, yet it muff not be fcalding hot, fo as to fetch off the skin. Elijah did that with a kits, which his man couldnot do with half: Beloved, when a kifs will do it better...oh rake heed of car- rying your Teeth in your Tongues ; Take loft words, and hard Arou_ menus to convince gain- fayers, and fo gentle reproofs, and folid reafóns to re uce offenders. 7. we mug reprove Scripturally : My meaning is, as near as we can to reprove our Brethren in Scripture-text, and Scripture- language, that fo it may not feet to be we that fpeak, fo much as the Spirit of our Father that fpeaks in us ; and this is to reprove with authoriry,77r.2.I 5 What greater Authority and Majehy wherewith to awaken the confci_ ence of a (inner than theWord of God, by which he fhould be ruled, and by which he muhcertainly be judged. Know Reader, That God took the Author co Glory, before he could finiíh this Sermon for thePrefs. What