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164 The Converfon of our Ser g Weak Eyes newly opened from fleep , cannot bear the glaring Ira. a8.10. doves, fcarce a candle at the firfi. Line taponline,and precept Upon precept, here a little, and there a little. You muff drive the little ones,as Jacob Gen.33.i 3. did,very gently towards Canaan. Entertain their tender attentions with difcourfes of Gods infinite grearnefs,and amiable goodnefs, of the glories of heaven, of the tor- ments of hell. Things that ailed the fenfes mull be fpiritualized to them, catch their affeátions by a holy crafr. Deal as much in fimili- rudes as thorn canal. If you be together in a garden, draw fo:ne fweet and heavenly difcourfe out of the beautiful flowers : If by a river-fide, treet of the water of Life, andthe rivers of pleafure that are at Gods right nand : If in a field of corn,fpeak of thenouri(hing quality of the bread of Life : If you fee birds flying in the air, or hear them finging in the woods, teach them the All-wife providence of God, that gives them their meat in due feafon : If thou lookefi up to the Sun, Moon, and Sears , tell them , they are but the fhining fpangles of the out - houles of heaven : oh then what glory is there within ! If thou feet a Rain-bow to diaper force waterrfh cloud, talk of the Covenant of God. Thefe and many more may be like fo many golden links,draw- ingDivine things into their memories. I have rated finoilitudes by my fervants the Prophets , faith God. Moreover, let young ones read and learn by heart fomeportions of the Hiflorìcal books of holy Scri- pture. But above all, the belt way of infcitution, efpecially as to the a Tim.i .13. younger fort, may be performed by Catechifms, Plat-forms of found words, by Q2eflion and Anfwer in a fhort compendious method whole terms being clear and difEnd might be phrafed out of l9oly Scripture,and fitted to their capacities by a pain, though folid flile,and to their memories by brief expreliions. Obj. Bat fume may objeft, That Children not well underfianding what they repeat,do but prophase the Name of God. Anfiv. To this I anfwer; That our reafonings ought not to counter- , mand,or contradidf Divine injunctions. We are commanded byGod Dcut.6.7, in the Bö6l<<of Deuteronomy,to whet the Law upon our Children. Train Prov.zz . up a childe in the wayhe fhouldgo, and when he is old he will not departfrom at. By the bendingof young trees, and putting young fruit into glaffes, you may form them into what fhape you pleafe. The A- poflle commends the preuident of Timothy to the whole Chriflian a Tim 3.15. world , that [ £roip a litt'e fucking childe , as the word imports, he hid known the holy Scriptures. Some children have been L&'41)44. fanòlified from the birch, as is evident in 7eremy, and John Baptist. Now