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Serm. S. Carnal Relations. 165 Nowwe being ignorant, who are under theele&ion ofGod, mutt ufe the means to all, efpecially fuch as are under the fæderal llipulation between God and us ; fuch as are thechildren of believing Parents. They are commanded to remember their Creator in the dayes of their youth : And who fhould make fuch impreflions of God upon their nearts,but thofe that are over theta by Divineappointnient,who ought to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. As Peals are to be imprinted upon the wax , while it is render : [ Tess Cú Fuc9á- er--is Txîs 7zäv ßz1 Trr.:d`icer 4uygús vanzTuTriimu j fo, teaching and in- flrueion will belt fix upon their mindes while yet they are children. So loon as ever reafon begins to fprout forth , yea as loon as they are drawn from the breafts, begin ro feafon younglings with the fence of Gods majeffy and mercy. Gardiners begin to graft, fo foon as ever the fap begins to arife in the ïpring, and the bud of the flock to fwell and inlarge. Colts muff be backs before their mettle grows too high ; and Heifers muff be ufed to the yoak before they attain co their full ffrengrh, or elfe they will prove unferviceable. God commanded in the old Law, moreLimbs, Kids, and Bullocks, young Turtles , and 'Pì.dgeons, to be offered upon his Altar, than thofe of elder growth : Firti fruits and green-corn mull be prefented to the Lord. To intimare thededication of our children ( thofe reafonable Sacrifices) unto the Temple and fervice of God, while they are young and tender. The fooner you Pow, the fooner you may reap. Sow thyfeed in the morning, fayes Solomon. The benefit of timely inttruaion is fcarce imaginable. But I come to the third. 3. Add to thine inUrgdfions preceptive in jundlions , lay it as a charge upon their fouls in the name of God, that they hearken ro, and obey thine infi?itutions. Every houfe is under a kinde of kingly Go- vernment L o7:c ór)í2 c ÀVcr u, &C. dt' xxscs 7raíJ ;P d" ahi,c6. v9, and a Ruler gives laws to wife and children. An infcance we have in thecafe of Solomon, who acquu.(nts us that he was his Fathers Son , tender and onely beloved in the fight of his Moiher. Ile taught me alfo, and Paid unto me ; Let thine heart retain my wards, keep my Commandments and live. When David was re,dy o dye, Solomon, the Text fayes,was [yet youngand tenderl notwirhff ind'ir.^ that, his Father iñffrudfs him in many grave and excellent in the book of Kings 'cis remarkable, that when Dav do deceifedrew nigh, he charged Solomon his fon, laying , &c. N w when-' Sc.l,on came to the Crown , he was but eighteen years. did or nineteen ,tr the molt , as the learned feem to evince from lever al pûß:ges of D a- yids Eccicf. z )..I : Eyhef. i.4. Plcct.., 7ra,cdl. P5 Ifa... 8.9. Levit. z. 14: Rom, iz . 1. Eeclef 11.3. 'r'1.('Oll.l. c.t. Prov.4.3) 4. t Ch ton aZ.S, ard 19.1. Chron.z 8.g, .cc. i K:nFs a t. 73.i1. pt. íp56.