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166 The Converfsen of our Senn. 8. Rmleigb.bift. yids reign. How young then was he when his Father David and his P;1 Mother Bathfhe6nh began tointlruá} him , and lay their preceptive Li. 4 charge upon him. This charging of obedience upon youngones, is like Sea c.Epi,t. 38, the r,.ingand claying on of the graft upon the flock. L Non multi: opus efi , fed ef(rcacibMs j Efficacious words rather than many are to be fought,fiudied,lnd urea. Nay, NO i.en have both prefident and precept alfo for this work, as who do more frequently converfe with their children in their ten - l'rov.a.B.$C 6. der Age ? We have an excellent example in Bathfhebah teaching her 31.1 Son, an preJng Divi:'e precepts upon h s hearr,thegave alío a portion ) r°v'3''' S.' 6 of intiruelion, as w ll as of food ro her fervants and maidens. Ancient pica: z. 3,4. Matrons.are commanded alfo by the Apoffle to teach younger women the works of fobriety and obedience. For this matter Abraham was commended by God himfelf, as a pattern to all potieriry. I knoar G`n.'8.19. him ( Cayes God ) that hemillco.nmand hi; children and his hoifhold after him, and they _hall keep the way of the Lord to do juiiceand judke- ment, &c. And therefore God was pleafed to reveal fecrets to him. Toconclude, It is good to edge your precepts and inflrudlions with fog ie notable remea;brances of the great day, as that holy and learn= Mr. Boitons ed Mr. Belton did to his children upon his Death-bed; for fpeaking of 1 tintel with the inffru6lions that he had given them in the time of his fîckneff, his works. Oro, and before, he Paid, he hoped they would remember it , and veri- iivo 1639. ly believed that none ofthem dMrfl think, to meet him at that greatTri6u- nal in an unregenerate_late. 4. Set a narrow guard upon the fi rfl fproutings of Sin in their con- verfations. CrufhVipers in the Egge. Exercifeyour hazle-rods upon the Serpents heads, when they firfl creep out of their hoes, bung Pla1.to1.8, chill and feeble in the beginning of the fpring. I will early dellroy all the wicked of the Land, (ayes David. You mutt fee about this work betimes check every evil and unfavory word at the firfl hearing; watch the beginnings, the firfl bubblings of corruption in them. A man may pull off a render bud with eafe, but if he let it grow to a branch, it will cofi him fome pains. It is obfetved by experienced Na- turalif'ts, that a Common bringing forth nothing but Fern , may be made very good ground : if when the weed comes up tender and green, it be often cut down, you will (in threeor four times) difcou- rage the root, and make it dye away. It may prove fo through Divine blefïing, as to the fhootings up of original corruption, if thou be dili- gent and confiant at firfl. Take us the Foxes,nay the little Foxes,that fpoil the Vines ; this is the way to defiroy their race, as well as to preferye Canr.1.1S.