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Serm, S. Carnal Relations. i7/ times catechize, fomecimes exhort. [ Oration; leElio, lef1ionifuccedat o- ratio, breve videbitur tempos, good taxtis operum varietatibHS occupatur ] Hie; o r.Tom.t. It was the dires±ion of that holy Hermiteof Bethlehem. Let reading p. 57. fucceedprayer,and prayer reading : That time will fecal thort which is exercifed with fuch variety of works. Ariflotle obferves out of a q,.d,-!, Ethic. Poet [ 4Txßom + rmv yAvluíTa7Or, ca corneïav ] TbaC Ch Inge b is a moll fweet thing,by reafen of our pravity. Indeed , fayes the Phi- lofopher, unto Pimple natures , t he fame adion is moti pleafanr, and therefore God delights in one and the fame limpiepleafure. How- ever ler us ufe the bell art we can to draw on our own hems, as well as of inferiors, to delight more con(Iantly in holy dude,. But in two things be principally frequent ; theoffering up the facrifice of prayers, and the keeping of children to read daily fome portion of holy Scri- ptures,as Jerom counfelled Leta [ Reddat tibi penfum quotidiede Scri- Hieron. p. 51, . pturarum fori6us carptum ] Let thy childe give thes a dailyaccount of fome choice flowers cropt out of the Bible. 8. Endeavour by all good means to draw them to publickordinan- ces : for there God is in a more efpecial manner prefenr. There kc hath Pfalm x 3 i. ;, commanded a blefng and life for evermore : There he walketh among Rev. a. i. bis Golden Candleflicks, whew the Icing fitteth at his Table, the Spikenard Cant.: x 1, fendeth forth the fmell thereof. He makes the place of his feet to be glorious. Though it were Gods appointment chit the males onely fhould at the folemn fealis repair to Shiloh; yet eikanah carries up all his houfe to the yearly facrifice. He would have his wife and t Sam. x. 11. children, and fervants, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to in- quire in his Temple , and you know what a great bleffing fucceeded upon Hannah. Cornelius allo when Peter came to preach at Cora-ea ua- As t o. 24. on Gods immediate command, he calls together all his kindred and acquaintanceto hear the fermon. effe and his fons came together to., Sam.i6. ç. the facrifice, which Samuel offered co the Lord at Beth/deny. lc isan ungodly wicked cufaome to leave many children and fervants t home needlefly upon the Lords D ;y. Indeed in great and nu nerours families, where there are many fmall children, that might dillurb the Congregation , and where much provilîon is neceffury for fuch as at- tend upon God in the duties of worflaip , there the cafe ;c fomewhac altered ; for fuch works of mercy are difpena with be G -sd himfelf: But labour tocontra&the number of ahfenrsto the fcrtaile4quantity poflible, and let fervants take their turns , that none-may be alway at home ; leave none,belibrade thee without neceffary and urgenr caiefe. As for fuch as canbe prefent at ordinances, remember to examine 2 than