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ena.........r+rssAn Serm. S. Carnat Relations. 173 ielves more like raging Brutes, than men, tnat take pleaitire in tyran- nical Corre&3ions. They can let their children fweár, and lye, and filch, and commit any other fin, and ) et corredt themnot ; but if they do not what they would have them, then they fall upon them, and tear them like wilde Beafts : Know, that God will require fuch vile as at your hands in the great day. O rather let t hem fee that thou arc angry for Gods fake, and not for thine own. There mutt be a great deal of gracious piny to their fouls, and holy love mixt with thine an- ger against fin. O how few be there that begin fecret , that God would fosen the hearts of their relations by their dueand moderate caftigations f Oh pray, that God would lay his holy hand upon their hearts, when thou layeft thyRod upon their backs. After they have paid their debt to Juftice, look more fe: enely upon them, and thereby encourage them to amendment. Morality and acerbity (5PticPvs vc ) if Atill. ñtiic. continuing [till, will check their hopes of ever returning to thy grace 1'84.'6' and favour.Lec ancient Rulers have a care of too much fowrnefs of car- riage ; for many times through the common incidencies of age , the Philofopher bath obferved that they are too proclive to jealoufies, fu- fpicions Pdceo eyr %;zroru(.eßáPeiV úmcaTd ] to interpret all things in id. in X(hcr. the worft fenfe, and fo pofTibly tobe too quick and ready upon eafie 1. _. C. i Z' fuggeftions, to think of, and deal hardly with their Inferiours : Be careful to ufe both your ears, and hearken to both parties in matters of complaint. But if upon deliberate and mature convidtion, nothing lets will prevail : Follow Gods command herein,and thy Son fhaligive Prey. 2.9.11, reff onto thy Seal. In all thefe cafes there lies a great point of pru- dence, to let them know, that thou haft yet greater correEtions for them, if they mend nor. That the fear and terrour of what thou haft yet referved, may work them to a compliance. They that Phew the utmoft of their rigour and power in fuch a6s at once , defpoil them- falves of that authority and awe which otherwife they might ingene- rate in their hearts:but take heed ofall violent and paflionate corre&i- ons.AHeathen could fay to his fervant[Caderem to nifi irafcererlI would Seneca de ira . beat thee,were I not angry. He that finites when his paffion boils, is I. I .c.i S. too too fubje6t to tranfcend the limits of moderation; vehement anger makes thehands to tremble , that fuch are not able to ftrike aright.. Takeheed leafs thou make thy childe or thy fervant to become vile in Deus, I5 3 thineown eyes, by too many (tripes. Such perfons plant quick-fers in the hearts of their children , that may grow up too fait to prick their own hands, yea their hearts another day. iv. If the fore-mentioned means through Divine belling prove effedtual,