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TheConverfen of oar Serra. g. et tual , (hen praife and encourage the when they come on though yet but a little. Ingenuous , yea rugged tempers are fome- times wrought upon by moderae and prudent Euge's. It's fpoken of Pfaim to;, 9. GDd himfelf, that he will not alu'ayes chide , nor keep his anger for R°111.1 3' ;. ever. As Migifirares, fo Parents muff be fometimes praifers of them Mac. z 5.21. that do well : Our Lora comes in fometimes wi h, Well done goad and faithful fervant : So mug you, when they are toNarcily ana dutiful eárlrgac-+.3cu Toil iZrtúvotf] call up their fpirirs by commendation. Hier. ad Let. L Laatdibu, excitabdum eft ingenium. ] There is a notable virtue in 1'.55. praife, efpecially as to generous fpirirs, to excite and prick them for- ward co duty, and that principally when divers together according as deferts vary , are unequally ratted , it ffirs up a virtuous emulation. Onely take heed of exceeding too much , for little veffels can bear no great fails ; pride and arrogancy are many times nurtt up by coo exu- berant and lavith expreflions, and fometimes an unmannerly familia- ricy appears. 1 r. Do they flourifh and thrive in duty and obedience, and begin to take in precepts freely and kindly, then win them on further by rewards , according to their feveral capacities, and the quality of thineown efface. God is pleafed moll gracioufly to draw and allure us on in the wayes of holinefs, by the propofal of reward : He isa re- Heb. t t. 6. warder of them that diligently leek him. I remember that ferom, as to eon Tom, the green years of Pacatula, wifhes her father to ufe chefe means, [proponaxtur ei cruflula, mu/fa pr,emiaa, & quicquidguftufuave e/f,quod verbat inflorikr, good rutilat :agemmis , quad 61anditur an Puppis, ac- ceptura fe/inet, &c. Pfalmoamercededecantet] give herfweer_mears, flowers, jewels, babies, to entice her to learn the Pfalrns. As to years of further growth, fuch rewards as become them may be moreproper. In fome cafes there have proved great fpurs and incitations, atleallto Sam. z, ;9 the outward work of Religion in younger ones. Nahnah that good Woman brought up a little Coat every year to her fon Samuel, when he was in the fervice of the Lord at the Tabernacle in Shiloh under Eli. And )ou know the Father of the Prodigal in the Parable, when his fon returned home tolead a new life, he killed a fatted Calf for him, put the bell robe upon his back, a ring upon his hand, and thous upon his feet. 1'. In the latf place be exceeding confcientious and caurelous in Luke 15.2iä difpofing them abroad , when either their education or profeßìon re- quires ir. AC to the fchools, when young and tender, chufeour fuch Guides and Mailers as may edifie them , and imprint fomethingmore of