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Serm. 8. Carnal Relations. 177 Vineger, that carries with is a grateful lharpne,fs. Take heed thougo not to this workveliedin thine own anger ; for though there may be in thee forne holy zeal, yet take heed of mingling too much of kitchen- fire. Meek reproofs are like Tents dipt in the Balm of Gilead,that both fearch and cure the wound together. Let the Righteous finite me, Pfal.141.5, ( fayes David) and it (hall be a kJindnefs; and let him reprove me, it Pall be an excellent Oyl, which fhall not break, my Head. Such are the Luke io.34. of the good Samaritan, who poured in wineas an ablie-óve, rand oyl as a fuppling incarnative into the wound. Such are the children ofchat prudent Matron, who opened her mouth in wifdotne, and in whole prov.3,,zg, tongue was the Law of kindnefs. And yet, friends, if we be over-gentle, the core of the wound will remain. The Chyrurgian, who hach caught this Fingers coo much tendcrnefs, and not willing to put his Patient to pain,may,through cruel kindnefs,occaí on dif orted limbs and lamenefs all a mans life. Corrofives are as neceffary as glutinous plaiílers, to eat down the I Flefh of our finful fores. Ely's finful mildnefs procured the íh' rd of the Philiflines to cut off his Sons, and oc- cafìoned fuck di :nrs, thit broke his own heart, and his neck too. Inmany ,ical operations, Salt is a moll neceffary ingre- dient, and caufes Latngs to ferment ; without the fait of reproof in its due proportion, bare words of advicewill feldome work. The tem- per of the perfon mutt be wifely confidercd. In force, too mild ex- preflions lull them afleep in fin. No great matter ( may they think) whichextorts but fuch gentle reflec`iions. In others, that are quick and apprehenfive : Soft words dopacifie wrath. Such as are of choie- l'rov:i ,a rick tempers, whofe gall doth much overflow their inteflines, Phyfi- , cians are more careful (of theirCholagóga) of fuch ingredients in their purges that mayexonerate, and not augment their cho'er. In all thy fpiritual phyfick, labour to clear it up, that thou givell no potion but what may rend to the health of his foul. Be fure thou be unblameable as to thaat which thou rec'roveít in another. If thou doer' the fame things, for which thou rebukefi thy Rotn.1.4 Brother, thou art inexcufable, for wherein thou judgeff another, than con- denneft thyfelf. He may well retort the Proverb upon thee, Phyfi- cian heal thy fell. Cloutfir( the beam in thineown Eye, and then (halt Luke 6,4z, thou feeclearly toped out themote that is in thy Brothers Eye. This is the firfl and principal work [ oau7V 'tar,ow 4 TO Tcit¿q s , ÑTa p0 ''' v 4,.,.ian, in E, 4171;611'14 '749E0 ? T4 á?" ] to perfwade thy felf. Doetl thou attempt pit-10./ 44,c toperfwade others to chat, whereunto thou art not arrived thy fell? O vainman! who will believe that thou arc in good earner} , that thou A a doe