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I78. James I.z7. Játlaes 3. Z. Diog-.L.eert. in Zeno? .D.44S Edst. Fiertev, a4s< .aalre a. f, The Converf :en of oar Senn. 8- d.efl indeed 6rbhor Idols, when as thou cer.nnittefl S;rcriledge. Obj. But foremay object, Shall we never reprove others in any cafe, ú1l we are clear our felves ; then w!!ocan perform this duty? Anfw. I anfwer,as to fcand lous fins, and fuch as grofly foul the converficion ; a man through Grace may keep hirnfelf unfporced from the world. But in matters of imafirmity, who can fay that his heart or his life is free and clean. In the former, when thou haft wafhed thy hands in innocency, thenmayeft thou deal with thy Brother. In the latter, lince in many things we offend all , involve thy Pelf in the fame reproof,and it may be digelied themore kindly. I cone now to the third and tail branch of the Q. lion , and that is, Qmrft 3. How we fhall dealwith Superiours , in cafefuck are in the ftate of nature ? Bywhat means we may moft effeilwally promote their con - verfton ? I. Here Imight inlarge by way of preface, to that it is law- ful in Come cafes for Infcriours to deal with Stye :hough it be the moll dfifñculc task. 2. That it is not onely lawful,but fometimes r.r ary. For it may fo fail our, that in a whole family there may be but onechilde, or one fervant that truly fears God, as is was with Jofeph in the houfe of Po-. aipbar. What he do,that would fain win a Father, a Mailer, or any other Superior unto God ? As to this, I íhall give inbut two dire- eions at prefent. A. I. Exhibit thy counfel,advice,or reproof,under thevails of fimi-. litudes, examples, or hiffories. Diegenes Laert. in the life of Zeno ac- quainrs us [eid1 771/4 c/mrc67?Ot, ftEe2ESZGAtileYedf xj xx ácl`nv , cemd 774g Pre31v. ] that ifhe did reprehend any, he did it fuccinly, not pro- fufely, but at fornedif'ance. It is a good Rule as to Superiors. It is an elegant and a profitable way for managing this neceffary duty, though ufually inefeóual and fucceffelefsfor want of vigilant circumfpecion and prudence. If thy Father be ungodly and unholy,recite forme hiflo- ry out of theBible, or out of Church-writers, that may have a fweet reflexion upon thy Fathers way. Sometimes Parables, and Proverbial fpeeches ch it are model} and lober, mayhit the joynt. He may vouch- fafe to beholdhis face in the glafs, who would (Iona at dire&t,reproof, Parents many times when they are hit thus meekly and mode,Ily, if they be wife, will feem to take no notice, but may ponder upon it a great while after. As our Lord when he told his Parents that he was about his Fachees butinefs , the Text layes , that Marykept allthole [ay;inSs