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184 The Converfion of our Serm. 8. reproving others for fin, that they commend and encourage them ra- ttier, that have much ado to bear with fervancs that perform excellent sß'41'4.4. fervice, if they wilt not drink healths, and be debancht as well as them - N- feives, more like Nero than Ciarif#ians. If their children ferve Satan '0'2e' ``5' never fo much,they manor it not ; fo they do not ruine their Patrimo- ny. No wonder chat their children be profligate and vile, that have fuch fadexamples. Thefpirit of God take; notice, that Ahae,;ah was z Chraa. 1b.3. a wicked man,and gives this for thereafon ; His Mother was his coun- fellour to do wickedly. Such as will be angry rather, if their Relations ani- do not walk in the wayes of fin, like the Wafps in theNaturalifls,rhat mml.s.c .t6. dip their flings in the poyfon of Vipers. Their angry tongues are o3 3 tinìured in the venorize of fin. Oh howmuch good might a Y eophi- lai do ! when greacnefs and holineff run in a blood, how would the Generations to come rife up and biefs them ? how much honour might they bring to God ? how would Religion flourifh ? how would our fields bring forth peace, and our (freers run down with rivers of righ- t.oufnefs ? 3. Hence we letrn the horrible fin of fuch that caufe others to do wickedly, that egge on others to thecommiflionoffin, that encourage children to prophane the Sabbath, to lye,and (wear, and feem to ap_ prove of, delight and rejoyce in it. Who knowingthe judgement oft God Kom.t. 3 z. ( that they which commitfuch things are worthy of death) Net orrely do the fame, bat have pleafure in them that do them. 4. Hence we may infer, what great wifdome is requifite in mana- ging thole means that are proper and ufeful in order to the falvation of our relations, what integrity of heart, what Gnceriry, what holy con- tempt of thefcorns of this wicked world. Doff thou take upon thee the Rudyofwifdom, fayes the Stoich,prepare thy feif fpeedily [ 4+5* xara- Eia Ru,ro be laughs to fcorn ] and expel that many fhould mock at thee? how much greater is the depravation ofmens hearts lince the fall in oppoGtion totrueholinefs. Many a bitter taunt and fcoff .Huff thou go under, but in wifdome pafs it by, regard is not, you work for fouls. One foul begotten to God is better than the gaining of whole Kingdomes and Empires. f. To fuch as live under holy Rulers and Governours of Familied, that you would highlyeíeem therm for their labour of love ; that you would count it a ungular mercy that God bath given anyof you a holy Father, or a holy Mother, fuch as have fpenc many an hour in fecrec for thy good, that have fought it earnefly at the Throne of Grace, that thy lifealight be hidwith God in Chriff. Look upon their in- Rru6ions